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Good competitive team?

Looking for some suggestions as i am new to competitive battling, evs etc. so any suggestions are more than welcome this team is strictly fictional at this point untill i can lock down exactly what i want to do. so heres my possible team:

-stone edge
-aerial ace
-dragon claw

-night slash
-iron head
-poison jab

-dragon rush
-dark pulse

-bug buzz
-wild charge

-energy ball
-fire blast
-shadow ball

-aerial ace
-draco meteor
-brick break/focus blast


burner001 answered:

Archeops:adamant. EV: speed 252, attack 252, def 6
Bisharp:Naughty EV: attack 252, speed 252, def 6
Hydreigon: Modest EV: speed 252, sp.attack 252, hp 6
Volcarona: same as Hydreigon-Fiery dance for Flamethrower and Wild charge replaced by Hurricane
Chandlure: same as above
Haxorus: adamant : EV 252-attack&spped 6 in HP
switch haxorus' Aerial Ace for Bisharp's X-scissor (to cover Bisharp's 4x fighting weakness)
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kyogre8877 answered:

Don't try to use mixed attack on a pokemon which has low stats on one side, your Volcarona and Hydreigon for example.
Change wild charge to Quiver Dance. I prefer changing Psychic to Solarbeam (combined with Power Herb) to be able to kill at least one Rock pokemon

For Hydreigon, use Dragon Pulse or Draco Meteor instead of Dragon Rush
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ShadowRaquaza39 answered:

-I suggest changing Archeops for Terrakion, as it's stronger and bulkier. Have Terrakion learn Close Combat, Rock Slide for double battle or Stone Edge for single, Earthquake, and Protect. Give Terrakion 5 Zinc and Iron and give it 205 attack and speed EVs and give it the Muscle Band. Make sure the nature is Adamant for more attack.
-For Volcarona, replace Wild Charge with Quiver Dance and Psychic with Hidden Power Rock or Ground or SolarBeam to give it a chance against Rock types. If you're doing double battle, replace Flamethrower with Heat Wave. Give it 252 special attack and defense EVs and 6 hp EVs and have it with Timid nature and Power Herb for SolarBeam, Focus Sash for Rock moves or Wise Glasses for special attack.
-For Hydreigon, replace Dragon Rush with Draco Meteor or Dragon Pulse and replace Earthquake with Flamethrower or Fire Blast. Give Hydreigon HP Up, Carbos, Calcium, Zinc and Iron and do a few battles for speed EVs and give it a Life Orb or Focus Band.
-You should change Haxorus for Thundurus and have it learn Volt Switch (for scouting) Thunder or Thunderbolt, Grass Knot or Focus Blast, Nasty Plot because of Prankster ability, and Protect. Give it Wise Glasses, Wide Lens, or Life Orb. Give it 252 special attack EVs, 104 special defense EVs, and 154 defense EVs. Make sure it's nature is Modest.
-For Bisharp, have it learn Sucker Punch, Brick Break, Swords Dance and Subsitute or Iron Head. SD+Sub+SP=X(, which means that the first three moves besides BB can KO most faster opponents. Give it 252 attack and hp EVs and 6 special defense EVs and Leftovers or Focus Band and Adamant nature.
-Replace Chandelure with Jellicent and have it learn Toxic or Will-o-wisp, Water Spout or Scald, Recover and Protect Taunt or Ice Beam. Give it 252 hp and special defense EVs and 6 defense EVs and Calm nature. Have it hold Leftovers and have it out during double battles with Hydreigon. Have Hydreigon use Surf and make sure Jellicent has Water Absorb to restore HP if needed.

Hope this helps :)
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