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Asked: 3 years ago

How do you get Dragon Dance and Ice Punch for Scrafty?

I already beat the game so now I can breed but now I want a new Scrafty with Dragon Dance and Ice Punch. Anyone know what pokemon can breed with Scrafty and has Dragon Dance and Ice Punch?

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There is no pokemon that can learn both ice punch and dragon dance, the only way to get Scrafty to learn those moves is to breed a dragonite with ice punch and have it know dragin dance, but thats very tricky and could take a while.

Look here for all the pokemon that can learn dragon dance (

Look here to see dragonites egg moves (

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There is a pokmon that can learn the two moves. It is dragonite, though ice punch is only learned though a move tutor in HG/SS/PT. Also dragonite must be a male to pass on moves, so your scafty must be a famale when trying to breed.

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