Question from Srawperd

Asked: 3 years ago

Ideas for a good physical sweeper?

I'm looking for a good physical sweeper to replace my Infernape. I'd prefer one that doesn't require a set up of any kind like Swords Dance, but I'd be okay with it if the pokemon could survive long enough to use it. It needs good attack stats as well as good speed.

Accepted Answer

From: Syllabus247 3 years ago

I don't think you'd like this pokemon but
Slaking has one of the highest physical attack amongst all pokemons and the highest for non-legendary pokemons

We all hate it for it's stupid ability, truant(sorry if you dint lol) but this can be solved really easily
You could use skill swap with another pokemon to get rid of it OR it can even be an advantage. For example if you are fighting a Gardevoir with the ability trace, both of you will be affected by the ability which balances it out.

In addition it has a high set of HP which means it can be a tanker as well with slack off but since you need a sweeper I would suggest attacks for it such as:
-Giga impact - just good because it has high damage

-Toxic - since slaking can't attack every turn, toxic will attack for it during the time

-Slack off - let's it last long

-Bulk up - increases it's attack AND defense(duh)

-Hammer arm - no reason

-Punishment - people I've fought mostly increase their stats first before handing an all out attack on Slaking, this blocks them from doing so

Hope this helps you

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Garchomp with outrage put choice specs on him and he is one of the best physical sweepers wit a speed to match

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