Question from MrMcQuackQuack

What is the point of the challenge rock?

I've found this rock and it doesn't seem to have any real value...does it?

Accepted Answer

Magicxgame answered:

If you have a Fighting-type Pokemon in your party, you can interact with the rock for a Star Piece. This can be done once per day every day.
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CYBERHUNTER906 answered:

I think to bring a fighting type click on the big rock in the middle and get a star piece have to have a fighting type in party
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Megaaceexe answered:

Talk to it when you have a fighting type in your party once a day, then go back to Iccirus city to the brown suited guy in the pokemon center for lots of money.
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Megaaceexe answered:

I meant that when you talk to the brown suited guy in the pokemon center in Iccirus City select the stardusts you got from the challenge rock
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