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Hotspots for EV training ?

One for each stats please, I really need it.

Accepted Answer

MetalKingBoo answered:

HP: Route 8 - Stunfisk and Palpitoad, both common in that area. They give 2 EVs each.

Attack: Route 1 - Patrat and Lillipup. They give 1 EV each.

Defense: Victory Road - Durant. Pretty common. It gives 2 EVs.
Pinwheel Forest - Venipede and Sewaddle for more reliability. They give 1 EV each.

Sp.Attack: Celestial Tower - Litwick and Elgyem. They give 1 EV each

Sp.Defense: Surfing at Route 17 / 18 - Frillish. Should be 100% appearance rate. It gives 1 EV.

Speed: Surfing at Route 3 - Basculin. Should be 100% appearance rate. It gives 2 EVs.

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