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Breeding with two shiny pokemon?

If i put a shiny ditto and oher shiny pokemon at the day care what are the chances of the baby being shiny?

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blitz664 answered:

If you breed two Pokemon you caught/bred yourself, than the chance of hatching a shiny is still 1/8192(0.012%). No matter what, even both parents are shiny. However, there is a chance to increase the chance of getting a shiny. Pokemon from different countries breed the odds of a shiny are increased. using Onix for example:

if you breed a German Onix and a Onix you just caught (assuming you're not also playing with a German game version), the odds of hatching a shiny Pokemon are increased six times to about 1/1366 (or, in any of the 4th Generation games, the odds are increased four-fold to 1/2048)
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