Question from justinpoulson

Where can I find prism scale?

I have looked in route 13 and undella town still cant find it.

justinpoulson provided additional details:

I talked to him and he just say how beautiful the prism scale is. He doesn't give me it.


Kazeguy330 answered:

Go into the pokemon center in Undella town and talk to the man on the left side an he'll give you it.
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Kitazaki_san answered:

Also, level 80+ Pokemons with the ability Pickup have a 1% chance of finding one
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DarkMarke answered:

There is a Prism Scale on route 13 at the foot of the stairs that lead up to the Giant Chasm, just go down to the beach and surf north to see it sitting to the right of the large staircase.
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