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Asked: 3 years ago

My pokemom isnt leveling up?

My pokemon wont level up, well it's the starter and i havnt caught any others yet, but my starter wont level up. When i played pokemon black it did, but why isnt it leveling up in white?

Additional details - 2 years ago

Wasn't using an emulator, it ok i just got a black version so I gave up on the white.

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are you using an emulator?

cause i also encountered that same problem..
mine is when after defeating chen at the start of the game, the game stuck when my starter gain a level.
I just downloaded other rom and it works (sorry :D)

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Yo download this for the EXp problem..

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If it is on the DS game, not an emulator ROM, then I suggest you restart the game/start a new game.

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If it's an emulator, you have your answer right there. White/Black lock leveling up if it's detected that it's being played from an emulator, to stop piracy.

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If you're using a ROM, there's a patch on internet that fixes this EXP problem. If you own a original copy, try to start a new game.

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Thats why you don't use emulators! 8)

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Ummm, it doesn't matter about emulators. He just needs to get new game.

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You need to catch other pokemon.

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