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Asked: 3 years ago

Where can I find the King's Rock?

I haven't come across the King's Rock thru my entire playthrough. Where is it located in white? And do any pokemon that can be caught have it as a hold item?

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A little more specific... is it a pickup item, a pokemon held item, or and item given to you?

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From: Jandeku 3 years ago

In Route 13, you can find a man in a black suit that gives you a random held item for pokemon, once a day. This includes items to evolve pokemon in trades, so obviously, the King's Rock is one of them.

Some wild pokemon (Poliwhirl and Slowbro) also have a 5% chance of having one when you find them, and also Politoeds and Slowkings, which are rare, but CAN be found in the wild too, on the "shaking" spots on water.

As a final alternative, pokemon with the pickup ability between lvl 11 and 30 have a very rare chance (1%) of finding you a new King's Rock.

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You can find the King's rock on route 13. Hope this helps :D

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Its an item given to you.

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Also, a Pokemon with PIckup can randomly find a "King's Rock" after a battle. I got extremely lucky and my Lillipup found a King's Rock. Good luck!

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Like mzsylver said use a pokemon pickup between 11-30 just get a whole team of lillipup/zigzagoon XD hopes it help :D

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