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Asked: 3 years ago

Can I catch Politoed Drizzle?

I read somewhere that Politoed can have the drizzle ability. and i was wondering can i catch it with the ability or do i have it trade and evolve it to get it

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From: Hegna1 3 years ago

You can catch a dreamworld Poliwag once you have 10,000 dream points if you go to pleasant forest. You then evolve that into Poliwhirl at level 25 and evolve it into Politoed by trading it with a king's rock. Since the Poliwag had its dream world ability (Swift Swim), the Politoed it evolves to also has its dream world ability of Drizzle.

If your poliwag or evolution is female, you can always breed more Dream World ability poliwags because the females can pass on their dream world status while breeding.

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It's on dream world that you will find it

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That Politoed's ability is called a "dream-world only ability". You can get by signing up on pokemon global link
Go though here

On the right corner there will be dream world option
NOTE: you can enter dream world only after you finish the game which is beating Ghetsis
You'll :
1. Open your Pokemon B/W
2. Turn on your "C-gear"
3. Click on "online"
4. And game sync(you will have to put one of your pokemons to sleep).

One you open Pokemon global link choose the dream world option(bottom right) and you can start searching for your politoed with drizzle.

Hope this helps you and try to find out more about pokemon global link, it's a must know especially for the event pokemons.

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You can get it through evolving a Dream World Poliwag, but if your using it for competitive reasons, I do not believe it's legal yet

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