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Asked: 3 years ago

Not gaining EXP?

Hey guys so I just started playing pokemon white,and currently I'm on route 1. I managed to beat an Audino and a Patrat,but my Tepig isn't gaining any exp points at all. What should i do? I also play pokemon black,and it's working just fine. I'm not using AR or cheats,and I'm using R4. Can anyone tell me what is wrong? Thanks

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It could be the game it's self on your R4. I have an R4 also and some games don't even work, I would either try start a new game and see what happens or bring it back to the store that you brought it from and show them whats going on with the game they might give u a new one or fix the problem. They might not thought so don't take my word for it.

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This happened to me too. Simple answer is to just download a new rom, from a different website, and it should probably work fine

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The exp gained from a battle is adjusted in Black and White according to the Pokemon in battle, and that was defeated. If you fight a much lower pokemon, you gain less exp. Likewise, if you defeat a higher level pokemon you will gain much more exp.

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The reason for this is because recent games like Pokemon Black and White have an anti-piracy thing in their coding, so it causes stuff like no exp being gained and black screen, to fix this, somebody made a patch about it, search it on google.

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Just download Pokemon black for the site below
it will work i hope so!

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