Question from jakenlucas

Asked: 3 years ago

How to evolve Happiny?

I want to evolve my Happiny but I don't know where to find an Oval Stone...Where might i find an Oval Stone???

Thank you in advance

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Thanks to people who answer...

Accepted Answer

From: Tekkaman_James 3 years ago

There are three ways to obtain the Oval Stone in this game:

First, you can find one in Challenger's Cave on Route 9. It's too complicated to really explain where it is, but you will have to use Surf to get to it. Refer to one of the Walkthroughs here for more detailed instructions.

Second, if you have Backpacker Carlos in your White Forest (he's the one who talks about Starly), you could have a chance to randomly find them on the ground in your White Forest each day.

Lastly, you can also randomly find them in the Dust Clouds that appear inside cave areas.

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