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Asked: 3 years ago

URGENT- How to EV train a Garchomp that has 31 Iv in Hp and should know substitute!?

I have a Garchomp with 31 iv in hp and i wanted it to use substitute effectively in battle subway. How many evs should i give?

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SERIOUSLY, WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE YOU ANSWER QUESTIONS IF YOU DONT EVEN HAVE AN ANSWER!!! I'll be more specific for the others, I want this G'chomp to have Enough Hp so that it can make 4 substitutes.

Additional details - 3 years ago

Thanks for answering cmont34 and sheep007. And cmont34, I wasnt being rude to either of you, there was a seriously stupid and irrelevant answer here before you two answered and i spammed it out now, thats why you cant see it. I am sorry but that wasn't meant for you two.
Thanks again!

Additional details - 3 years ago

Thanks for the advice sheep007, I know his subs wont be bulky but my lead will be someone who can paralyze, trap moves and cripple the lead opposing pokemon. Since subway trainers dont switch that often , it would be easy to set up a sub and use swords dance!

Accepted Answer

From: sheep007 3 years ago

Just make sure that your hp isn't divisible by four for it to work.Just put a few ev's in so it's not.Garchomps subs aren't that bulky so you might want to consider using another pokemon but if you want to attack well,garchomp can work.

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Instead of being rude when people respond to your question, how about doing some simple math to get your Garchomp's HP to be more than divisible by 4. For example, if it had 10 HP it could make 4 subs with 2 HP left.'s really not that urgent.

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