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Open Questions

Item Help status answers
Anyone willing to trade me a Torchic lvl 1 for my lvl 50 Zekrom? Open 1
Can some one help me get master balls? Open 10
Can someone hook me up with a zorua? Open 1
Fight trainers again? Open 2
First 3 generations starters? Open 3
Fossil? Open 3
Fossils? Open 5
How can you get zoroark? Open 7
How do I restore power points? Open 6
How do you get Zorua? Open 2
If a Pokemon, with Sheer Force, holds a Life Orb...? Open 1
Is there a Leaf Stone in Castelia city ? Open 3
Is there an item glitch? Open 2
Is there an item that prevents enemies from fleeing? Open 6
Looking for a bagon trade? Open 2
National pokedex problem? Open 2
Odd Incense, Rock Incense, and Full Incense locations? Open 1
Please answer all questions? Open 6
Pokemon Black&White growing berries? Open 3
TM Flash? Open 2
What and where is TM1? Open 1
What is a Pokeshifter? Open 2
What is Soul Dew?? Open 3
What is the prism scale?? Open 2
When do i talk to the lady on Route 8 for the damp rock? Open 2
Where are all the tms and hms? Open 1
Where can I buy TMs and HMs? Open 3
Where can I find (dawn stone)? Open 5
Where can I find (fire stone & water stone )? Open 3
Where can I find (liberty pass)? Open 2
Where can I find (occa berry!)? Open 3
Where can I find (super rage candy bar) ? Open 3
Where can I find (White Forest)? Open 3
Where can i find a dusk stone? Open 4
Where can I find a maniac? Open 4
Where can I find a snivy or a tepig exept at the begining? Open 2
Where can I find a thunder stone? Open 1
Where can I find Garitina,Dialga,and Palkia?(if they are in this game White) Open 4
Where can I find HM/TM charge? Open 1
Where can I find metal coat? Open 8
Where can I find prism scale? Open 3
Where can I find rock climb? Open 3
Where can I find the grisieous orb? Open 2
Where can I find the hm for my pokemon? Open 2
Where can I find the mossy rock? Open 3
Where can I find the TM Faint Attack? Open 2
Where can I find the TM for thunderbolt? Open 1
Where can I find TM 4? Open 1
Where can I find TM 73 (Thunderwave? Open 1
Where can I find TM Iron Tail? Open 1
Where can I find TM11? Open 1
Where can I Tynamo? Open 3
Where can trade exp.share? Open 1
Where do you find the Fly hidden machine? Open 9
Where should I use my Master Ball? Open 7
Where to find light ball? Open 3
Who can trade me a victini for a giratina ? Open 1
Strategy Help status answers
(: Got white, but...? Open 2
A partner for battle subway? Open 1
Alakazam plan good enough? Open 1
Anyone willing to trade a a low level snivy? Open 6
Are these good attacks for these Pokemon? Open 2
Bought a Used Game, Have A Couple Of Others, Can You Advise? Open 1
Breeders? Open 1
Breeding for IV's? Open 1
Can anyone tell me where i can find a good guide on breeding? Open 5
Can I please obtain some advice? Open 4
Can some sugest a final member for my team( only pokemon from White)? Open 1
Can Somebody Trade with me to evolve of Karrablast? Open 2
Can someone help evolve my Pokemon? Open 2
Can someone help me assemble a team? Open 1
Can someone make a team thats good against this team? Open 5
Can you rate my Dragons? Open 4
Can you rate our Multi Train team? Open 4
Dark team ideas? Open 7
Do you think I should get Flame Body or Flash Fire? Open 6
Does capturing any pokemon count towards the increased Critical Capture Rate? Open 1
Does switching to a level 100 Pokemon reduce the amount of EXP points the first Pokemon gets? Open 1
Does ths team have any major weaknesses? Open 4
EV Training Question? Open 4
Garchomp? Open 1
Good competitive team? Open 3
Good moveset for a weavile without egg moves? Open 2
Help My competitive Party? Open 2
Help team Pokemon? Open 3
Help to bulild my team? Open 3
How do I get a Victini? Open 5
How do I get an Axew that has 31 IV for attack and speed? Open 2
How do I get rid of somebody? Open 2
How do I know when my EVs are maxed out for a stat? Open 3
How do you change pokemon colors in pokemon white? Open 3
How do you get Dragon Dance and Ice Punch for Scrafty? Open 2
How do you know when pokemon are from Action Replay? Open 2
How do you shift pokemon on white during double and triple battles? Open 3
How would this team do in competitive play? Open 4
How's my team? Open 4
Hows this strategy? Open 1
Hydreigon / Sazandora moveset? Open 2
i can't get a pokemon with stealth rock in white, HELP? Open 2
I need a Genesect for my battle strategy Friend code: 1894-1107-3540? Open 1
I need a Squirtle in Pokemon White, to beat the game with, trade? Open 1
I Need Help Making a team can you help? Open 4
I need help with my pokemon white team? Open 4
I need to decide between archeops and siglyph? Open 1
I want a pokemon? Open 2
Is Heracross slow enough to take advantage of a Trick Room team? Open 1
Is my 'paper'team any good? Open 2
Is my roster ready to battle with the elite 4, N, and Ghetsis? Open 3
Is my team good for general play and E4? Open 2
Is my team good? Open 3
Is there a way to get hydregion with dark pulse and earth power? Open 3
Is there any easy way to nature reset Zekrom/Reshiram? Open 1
Is this a decent team? Open 6
Is this a good Double train team? Open 1
Is this a good pokemon team? Open 2
Is this a good team or should i change it? Open 1
Is this a good team to level up too 100?? Open 1
Is this a good ultimate team? Open 4
Is this battle subway-team good? Open 4
Is this pokemon team good? Open 1
Is this team good for the battle subway? Open 1
Larvitar and Bagon? Open 3
Legends and Starters? Open 2
Levels? Open 1
Moves? Open 1
Movesett for Emolga? Open 1
My Garchomp is good? Open 3
My team is good? Open 1
Need help creating Pokemon: White team? Open 1
Out of the following 12 Pokemon, which would make the best Pokemon White team? Open 1
Please give suggestions for my competitive battle team? (Needed question mark) :p Open 4
Please help me with my pokemon white team? Open 2
Pokemon White - Ferrothorn breeding moves? Open 1
Question about torment and Outrage? Open 1
Rate my competitive team? Open 1
Rate my poison team!? Open 1
Rate my team and Help with last member of team? Open 4
Rate my team!? Open 1
Rate my team.Anyone? Open 1
Rate my Team? Open 4
Rate my team?! Open 2
Replacing with Hydreigon? Open 2
So far? Open 2
Starters? Open 5
Story team plan? Open 1
Subway team help? Open 1
Suggestions for my competitive Sun-based team? Open 1
Team Rating? Open 1
Timburr with mach punch and drain punch ?? Open 2
Trade ? Open 1
Trading from GBA to DS? Open 1
Trading Help? Open 2
Trying to decide between gallade or condeklurr but can't even find ralts? D: Open 2
Victini or darumaka? Open 5
What are the best moves and stats for EV training Deino?? Open 3
What are the best moves and stats for EV training Pawniard?? Open 1
What do you think of my team? Open 1
What do you think of my Teams? Open 3
What do you think of this team? Open 1
What does my team need? Open 4
What is a better team? Rate my team. No Legendaries. Open 1
What is my team missing?!? Any suggestions? Open 1
What is the best Items for Grass team? Open 1
What is the best nature for the starter pokemon in white? the water pokemon? Open 5
What is the best roster to have? Open 1
What is the best strategy for Defeating sturdy/shellbell/endeavor Aron? Open 3
What is the best strategy for tyranitar? Open 2
What moves should i have beldum learn? Open 2
What movesets should I use with these Pokemon? Open 1
What pokemon are good for a rain team? Open 2
What would you suggest for my team? Open 1
What's goods movepools of the Fire starter? Open 2
What's the best moveset and item for my serperior? Open 1
Where are good areas to level up pokemon levels 14-24? Open 1
Where do I find a Victini? Open 1
Which berry should i give my exeggutor with harvester? Open 1
Which is better? Open 2
Which is the better bug? Open 1
Which of these should i choose? Open 2
Which one should i choose for a special sweeper? Open 2
Which Pokemon is better? Gallade or Mienshao? Open 2
Which pokemon should I choose? Open 4
Which team is better to play online with? Open 1
White forest people number? Open 1
Who is better Gallade or Lucario? Open 3
Will anyone trade me a bulbasaur or ivysaur or venusaur? Open 2
Would this be a strong non competitive team? Open 4
Technical Help status answers
Action Replay for White? Open 4
Action Replay Problem? Open 5
Action Replay...? Open 4
Buying a used copy, would that screw up the friend codes or any of that? Open 2
Can a hacking infection spread via wireless battle? Open 1
Can i Play in MultiPlayer my White Version 1 with a Black Version 2 or White Version 2 in Local or Wi-fi MultiPlayer? Open 1
Can't trade/battle with friend in wi-fi room - whats up? Open 2
Could the these pokemon games connect to the routers with passwords on them? Open 4
Entralink? Open 4
Event Help? Open 3
Game won't even start up. Help? Open 2
GTS problems? Open 2
Has this happened to anyone else? Open 2
Help With Wild Pokemon - Doube Battles? Open 2
How can i transfer spikey-eared pichu from soul silver? Open 2
How do you save the game before turning off? Open 1
How do you use xtransceiver? Open 6
How I can edit my PGL account? Open 1
How to change the season in pokemon white using desmume? Open 2
How to new game? Open 2
I can't get into Dream World, help? Open 1
I can't transfer pokemon from my R4 TTDS card, is there another way? Open 4
I cant use the poke transfer or reloocator, please help. w t heck? Open 2
I've obtained and used all my entralink powers but my ID card color didn't change, why? Open 1
Is my game glitched??? Open 1
Is there a way to clone pokemon without using the AR? Open 1
Is there an AR code for Pkmn White to delete an unhatchable egg? Open 1
Is there any other way to get the White Forest to have the Pokemon and Items? Open 1
Is there any way to reset the pairing of the game to DS? Open 1
Migrate? Open 1
My game freezes, HELP!? Open 2
My pokemom isnt leveling up? Open 8
Random Matchup doesn't work? Open 2
Rotation battle? Open 3
Two ds help? (ds and 3ds) Open 1
Where can i find the Fire stone? Open 2
Why am I unable to attack? Open 2
Why cant I go on Random Match-Ups? Open 2
Why cant i use my action replay? Open 3
Why cant my DSLite play wierless? Open 2
Why does the game keep telling me "Communication error..." on Random Matchup? Open 1
Why does the game keep telling me "There was a problem with the pokemon in your battle video"? Open 2
Why does the game keep telling me (game sync needs to recharge)? Open 4
Why does the game keep telling me telling me I have to recarge the game sync for a day? Open 1
Why does the game keep telling me that I can't use Game Sync? Open 1
Why won't "Random Matchup" Work? Open 2
Other Help status answers
(any One willing to trade me grouwdon rayquaza and kyogre mewone)? Open 2
100% Catch code is not working? Open 0
A few quick quetions? Open 4
A generous someone to give me a rufflet? Open 2
About Migration? Open 1
Action replay code for Griesous orb? Open 1
Action replay DS EZ firmware 1.71 Download issues? Open 1
Action Replay? Open 1
Adamant orb, griseous orb, lustrous orb? Open 3
After getting the 3 dragons, do you get anything else? Open 3
Anville Town...Weekends? Open 2
Any Filipinos out there? Open 1
Any Good Tank Pokemon besides cofarigus and Rate my team? Open 1
Any one have an xtra tornadus they cud trade me ? Open 2
Any tips for defeating Ghetsis? Open 2
Anybody has a Darkrai they can part with or trade plz??? Open 6
Anybody want a celebi zekrom kyruem victini virizion or a zoroark? Open 7
Anybody willing to trade an ice type for something? Open 1
Anyone have a *legit* lightningrod ability Pikachu? Open 1
Anyone have a genesect they could trade for my shiny legendaries? Open 2
Anyone have a swampert? Open 1
Anyone have a Vullaby to trade for a Rufflet? Open 2
Anyone have Shinx, Luxio, Luxray? Open 1
Anyone that wants to trade pokemons? Open 2
Anyone trade for a vullaby or mandibuzz? Open 1
Anyone want free pokemon? Open 4
Anyone willing to trade a Adamant Natured Munna with the ability synchronize? Open 1
Anyone willing to trade a boldore? Open 2
Anyone willing to trade me Thundorus rightnow? Open 2
Anyone willing to trade/borrow celebi please? Open 1
Anyone with black that has a pokemon with charge? Open 1
Are shelder and anorith good battlers? Open 1
Are the main ledgendary pokemon of the white/black versions recatchable if the've been KOed? Open 2
At Dragonspiral tower there catch zekrom will the nature be different or the same we catch at N castle? Open 1
Battle Anyone? Open 1
Battle? Open 1
Black and White website help? Open 1
Breeding alternate forms? Open 1
Breeding trouble with Scraggy help? Open 2
Can a pokemon relearn egg moves from the move tutor if they already knew the move before? Open 2
Can anyone give me cheat that L button as A button? Open 1
Can anyone please trade me a gastly? Open 3
Can anyone trade me a free genosect??? Open 5
Can i borrow celebi? Open 2
Can I find Gethis after I found 7 sages?? Open 2
Can I get a male bagon please? Open 1
Can i have a victini? Open 1
Can I use an unused Wonder Card after restarting a game? Open 1
Can some0one trade me pokemon? Open 1
Can someone give me a victini? Open 2
Can someone help with Eternalink please? Open 1
Can someone please trade me a tornadus? Open 2
Can someone please trade me starters from any game? Open 1
Can someone send me the best link for the pokegen? Open 1
Can someone trade a zorua with me? Open 3
Can someone trade me a victini for a shiny rayquaza? Open 3
Can someone trade me a victini that knows v-create? Open 1
Can someone trade me these two? Open 10
Can somone make me a shiny raticate AR code? For pearl or diamond Open 3
Can the Pokedex change or be incorrect? Open 2
Can u trade me a Tynamo lv 35-38? Open 1
Can you get victini again if you restart the game? Open 2
Cargo Plane? Open 1
Code? Open 0
Connecting to Dream World on someone elses DS? Open 1
Contrary Snivy/Servine/Serperior? Open 1
Darkrai or arceus trade for my white version? Open 2
Deoxys? Open 1
Do a lot of people still play Pokemon Black and White? Open 1
Do i have to beat elite four to mystery gift? Open 5
Does any body know how to get through chargestone cave? Open 2
Does anybody have a male machoke? Open 1
Does anybody have a Mewtwo? Open 1
Does anybody have a shiny or regular charmander for trade? Open 1
Does anybody have an extra female snivy? Open 2
Does anybody have an idea how to get a certain fossil from the guy at twisted mountain? Open 1
Does anybody use the pokemon selector site? Open 1
Does anyone have a (non-shiny) Mew? Open 2
Does anyone have a deino,arbok,seviper, or gyrados with dark pulse? Open 1
Does anyone have a latios for trade? Open 1
Does anyone have arceaus or shaymin? Open 1
Does anyone have Darkrai or Shaymin? -Shiny Prefered- Open 3
Does anyone want to trade a tornadus for my thunderus? Open 5
Does Anyone Want to Trade For a Mew, Arceaus, Or Shaymin from pokemon white? Open 4
Does someone have a spare EEVEE!? Open 1
Does the relocator only work with event pokemon? Open 2
Dragonite or Rotom(Lawnmower mode)? Open 2
Drizzle Politoed please? Open 1
Drizzle politoed? Open 2
Eevee? Open 4
Entralink not working ? Open 1
Entralink-What is it and how can I get there? Open 1
EV switchout training? Open 1
EV training deino? Open 1
Ev training help? Open 2
EV training pokemon? Open 2
EV training with EXP Share and Power Items? Open 2
Evaluate my future team? Open 1
Ferrothorn help? Open 1
Fight Terrakion again? Open 1
Figuring out the best nature for my starter on pokemon black? Open 3
First time in the Hall of Fame? Open 1
Free shiny heatmor willing to trade!? :) Open 2
Friend codes please? Open 2
Game freeze in drawbridge cutscene? Open 1
Gliscor and roost? Open 1
Good pokemon levels? Open 1
Happiness level? Open 1
Has anyone noticed? Open 5
Havent played? Open 1
Having trouble with the Action Replay exp cheat, solutions? Open 1
Help on Abyssal Ruins? Open 1
Hey guys, I'm looking for someone to help me evolve my Gurdurr, anyone interested? Open 2
Hidden power help? Open 1
Hill anyone be willing to trade me a few eevees? Open 1
How can I EV train my Axew? Open 3
How can I get a lopunny with the elemental punches? Open 1
How can I get Reshiram here? Open 3
How can you unlock zorua and zoroak in pokemon white? Open 1
How do I enter the Global Battle Union? Open 1
How do I ev train my Heracross? Open 1
How do I get into the Abyssal Ruins? Open 2
How do I get my friend code if my DS doesn't have wi-fi? Open 1
How do I get to Lostlorn Forest? Open 1
How do I get zekrom? Open 4
How do i get Zora or Zoroak? Open 3
How do I navigate Mistralton City Gym? Open 1
How do i unlock the 5th gym leader? Open 1
How do u get 2 big hole in giant chasm? Open 4
How do you change the pokemon in White Forest? Open 1
How do you do this? Open 1
how do you get the national POK'EDEX?? Open 1
How do you get to the north Island on Route 18? Open 3
How do you learn draco meteor? Open 3
How do you make whimsicott learn beat up? Open 1
How do you move the giant boulders in victory road? Open 3
How do you put those downloadable saves on Pokemon White? Open 1
How do you swarm? Open 2
How do you travel through time? Open 2
How do you unlock more pokemon like togepi or surkit in white forest? Open 1
How does getting victini work? Open 3
How does the seasons change in pokemon white? Open 2
How I catch Voltolos? Open 3
How is my pokemon party? Open 1
How many dream pals can you have in the dream world? Open 2
How many steps does it take to hatch an egg? Open 2
How much Pokemon on the National Pokedex? Open 1
How to bred Dark Pulse to my Sazandora? Open 2
How To Catch Landorus? Open 2
How to catch trapinch (or any of his forms) and horsea (or any of the forms) in pokemon white? Open 1
How to change season? Open 2
How to delete profile? Open 2
How to migrate pokemon from soul silver to pokemon white? Open 2
How to trade on the Wi-Fi Room? Open 2
I don't see the gain in stat after 4 EV distributed, help? Open 3
I dont know if im useing my new action replay dsi properly? Open 4
I have a level 100 Celebi and want to trade for Darkrai or Arceus want to trade I am on Pokemon White? Open 3
I have a level 79 zekrom, 76 kyruem, 31 victini and 100 celebi i am looking for darkrai arceus? Open 12
I have an EVs training question? Open 1
I have liberty pass from cheating n now i cant go to the island why? Open 2
I have the shiny dogs, how do I get Zoroa? Open 4
I looking for a Darkrai? Open 1
I missed the event(s) to get zorua and zoruark. Any body willing to trade for a legendary? Open 1
I need a Jirachi? no hacks or cheats plz Open 2
I need help on Elite 4??? Open 3
I need help? Open 1
I need this Reshiram off of my hands. Any takers? Open 1
I want to finish the game only with a riolu but I dont know how to do it!!!!!!?? Open 2
I'm giving a charmander for a treecko please help ? Open 2
I'm looking for Groudon? Open 1
Ice in Twist Mountain? Open 1
Import from Soulsilver? Open 1
Is anybody willing to trade an Eevee? Open 1
Is anyone willing to trade a celebi? Open 2
Is anyone willing to trade a female speed boost torchic ? Open 1
Is it possible to catch two shinies of the same pokemon in on day? Open 2
Is that a a way to check zekrom and reshiram nature before fighting N? Open 2
Is there a breeding list? (read additional info) Open 1
Is there an Action Replay code for shiny starters / eggs? Open 1
Is there an action replay code for unlimted health, swift and muscle wings? Open 1
Is there any trashcan that isn't empty? Open 1
Is there going to be anymore mistery gifts? Open 2
Is this a good party/team? Open 4
Is this a good team for pokemon white? Open 1
Is this a good team???:) Open 3
Is this a good team??????? Open 2
Legendaries? Open 3
Legendary pokeymon terrakion? Open 1
Liberty pass and restarting my game? Open 1
Looking for a spare zorua?????? Open 4
Looking for shiny pokemon Offering a Zekrom, Thundurus, Dialga, Zapdos, Victini, or Articuno? Open 10
Looking for the pokemon victini & deoxys??anyon willing to trade?? Open 1
Looking To Trade a Pokabu For a Pururiru ??? Open 1
Lucario PGL code; Anyone know it yet? Open 1
Lv. 9 or under Zekrom? Open 1
Machoke? Open 1
Mistralton Cave? Open 2
National Dex completion help? Open 1
Nature? Open 1
Need a quick trade to evolve my Gurrdur? Open 2
Need A Vullaby? Open 1
Need help evolving my Karrablast in Pokemon White? Open 1
Need help to find this pokemon? Open 1
Need help with my Pokemon White2 team!? Open 2
New zoroark event question? Open 1
Nintendo 3ds and GTS? Open 1
No water torrent Action Replay code? Open 1
Now what? Open 1
Online trading help? Open 2
Oshawott or deino give away? Open 1
Pal Pad numbers? Open 1
Please help any extra exp. share? Open 2
Please trade ? Open 1
Please trade me victini meloetta keldeo or genesect? Open 1
Poke Transfer question? Open 1
Pokemon Black/White Wifi-Room whats going on? Open 2
Pokemon dream? Open 1
POKEMON gender modifier code? Open 2
Pokemon Happiness? Open 1
Pokemon white 2- Fire type help!? Open 1
Pokemon White P.C.? Open 2
Poketransfer? Open 1
Problem getting to Cobalion? Open 2
Props Question? Open 3
Question about the White Forest/Black City? Open 2
Rate my Dragon-team! . . ? Open 2
rateRate my team for me please? Open 2
Realese? Open 1
Really need a zorua egg? Open 6
RNG-ing? Open 1
Searching for Dream World User? Open 1
Seven Sages (6 sages)? Open 1
Seven Sages? Open 1
Shiny rayquaza? Open 2
Shiny Volcarona,Lucario,Axew,Giratina? Open 2
Simply a Nuance. Help Please? Open 1
Something odd happened... Help? Open 3
Special musharna ? Open 1
Taundurus? Open 1
Team Help? Open 4
Tell me? Open 1
The third Cavern Pokemon? Open 1
This question is for both black and white... What kind of trainer can you be in the japanese black and white? Open 1
Three Pokemon Cheats? Open 1
Thundorus trade? Open 4
Thundurus!!!!??????? Open 2
Timburr? Open 1
Trade ? :D Open 1
Trade anyone? Open 1
Trade backwards to gen 4? Open 2
Trade Thread? lol Open 1
Trading question? Open 1
Trading zoruas with pokerus? Open 3
Trading? Open 1
Trying to trade victini and kyurem for darkrai???? Open 2
Two zorua/zoroark? Open 1
Unova Pokedex Completion Help? Open 3
Want a Female snorunt any takers?? Open 1
What are all the possible legendarys? Open 3
What do i do after i beat the 7 gym and go to the tower to meet n? Open 1
What do I do after I find the seven sages? Open 2
What do you Think about My Future Team ? Open 2
What do you think? Open 1
What does the game come with if you pre-order it? Open 2
What if you transfer all three crowned beast? Open 1
What is the best balanced team to get through the game with? Open 4
What is the game code for pokemon white please tell me? Open 1
What is the Perfect Moveset for Emboar? Open 1
What is the purpose in Nimbassa Train Station? Open 1
What pokemon can learn simple beam? Open 1
What should I breed with? Open 3
What's dream land n where is it? Open 2
What's EV? Open 2
What's necessary to complete the national dex? Open 1
When does it get relased in the US and if it already is then where? Open 4
Where can i find a Beldum? Open 2
Where can i find amlet coin? Open 2
Where can I find Galvantula? Open 3
Where can I find Japanese Action Replay codes for Pokemon White? Open 1
Where can i find Murkrow or Misdreavus in pokemon white? Open 1
Where can i find tm giga drain? Open 1
Where can i rename my pokemon again? Open 1
Where can i train? Open 1
Where do I catch Kyuremu? Open 3
Where do I get evevee and ditto? Open 2
Where do u get the shiny legendary dogs from? Open 4
Where does thunderous hide in pokemon white? Open 1
Where is Challenger's Cave located?? Open 2
Where is eevee? Open 1
Where is N? Open 1
Where Is Nurse Fumie In Pokemon White? Open 3
Where is raimon city located? Open 2
Where is the best place to train my team? Open 2
Where is the dark grass on route 1? Open 1
Where to find dratini ?? Open 1
Where would i find Ghetsis after i beat team plasma? *spoiler* Open 7
Where/when do you catch/find Thundorus? Open 1
Which 5th gen pokemon are not available pre elite four? Open 1
Which one is better? Open 4
Which pokemon i should add to my team? Open 1
Which ship? Open 2
Who do i talk to when i have a lvl 100 pokemon? Open 1
Who is better victini or chandelure? Open 1
Who is the best Flying type Pokemon? Open 2
Who wants any starters from all regions? Open 3
Who wants to trade Pokemon with me via wifi? Open 2
WhosWhatsItNow? Lol? Open 5
Why can't i seem to get EXP? Open 10
Why can't I trade .... for ....? Open 2
Why can't I use game sync? Open 2
Why does dream world? Open 2
Why does my game always gives me this error on Wi-Fi? (90101) Open 1
Why doesn't my action replay code work? Open 2
Why won't my Ditto breed with my Sandslash? Open 1
Wi-fi question? Open 1
Will anyone trade a zekrom for a reshiram? Open 2
Will anyone trade me a shroomish for a REQUESTED pokemon ? Open 2
Will anyone trade me Reshiram? Open 3
Will my pokemon be added to the National Pokedex? Open 1
Witch is better? Open 3
Would anyone be willing to trade me a togepi? Open 1
Would anyone trade with me a Shiny Zora? Open 1
Zebstrika, Vanillux or Reunclius? Open 3
Zekrom at Dragon Spiral Tower needs the nationaldex? Open 1
Zoroark still obtainable? Open 5
Zorua/zoroark? Open 3

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