Question from pacheco90

Does someone know any cheats for The sims 3 for DS?

Does someone know any cheats for The sims 3 for DS?
I havent found any and i need at least one for getting money
WITHOUT working in the game.
Please answer me!


_personified answered:

Well if you mean AR cheat codes then use this for money.

!!!Sims 3, The (E)
!!VS3V D1014ADF

!Misc. Codes

::[SELECT] Max Money
94000130 FFFB0000
02216864 3B9AC9FF
D2000000 00000000

You can look through GBAtemp Cheats for more cheats.
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zekrom32 answered:

Just sying but that cheat is for the europian version of the game.
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Gamecube777 answered:

This is a great way,
-buy an expensive thing (like a big tv)
put it in storage
-click on take out of storage but DONT place it
-sell it
-you will find you can still place it
-repeat until youve got as much money as you want.

This is GREAT- loads of money in minutes,without breaking your game and without having to pay for an AR cheat.

my lifetime happiness was to have 100,000 which i got in minutes.
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pokemon-racer answered:

Gamecube777 is right. That is a great cheat and If you are confused look up ' sims 3 ds money cheat ' on youtube.

HOWEVER, this unfortunately makes your game really glitchy, it freezes all the time. If you do use this cheat, make sure you save regularly.

Also, If you stop using this cheat, after a while the glitching stops. Hope I helped!
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