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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find storeroom with box of tissues in it?

My son is currently playing this game and is struggling to find the storeroom with the tissues in, he is in the alpine section of the game.

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if you go into the chalet to the right of the front desk there are three rooms go in the one to the right you will need daphne to climb up a pole and use your magnify glass to look in the wooden boxes and thats where it is . now when you move on in the game a bit further and have t find the ice caves please let me know if you can find your way in after you kill the moose , my daughter and I have been trying for two days and when you go back to the chalet the girl anna at the front desk says to check behind crankys crane but we see nothing there .

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the four or five ice crystals that light up-ish, you have to hit them in that order. and also, when it says that its behind Cranky's crane you already did. that was when you catapulted the snowballs in the windows and got the key and used the crane to move those heavy logs to get to the ice cave. I know because when you battle the frankenmoose, you gotta get to the ice caves first. hope it helped

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For me (for the tissues) it was using Shaggy on the far right and then Magnify just a wee bit to the left. But maybe its different for each DS or something like that.

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