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What happens when you collect all the red rings?

Since you don't need them to collect the emeralds in this version.

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Sonicchaos333 answered:

You get infinite boost
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DeeNinjaa answered:

Don't listen to Sonicchaos333. Nothing happens when you get all the red rings in this version, except for the fact that you will have obtained all bonus artwork, events, and sounds/music tracks in the gallery.
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Sonicchaos333 answered:

Um dont listen to this fool DeeNinjaa who doesn't know what hes talking about i got all the red rings. All you have to do is go to options then infinite boost and turn it on or off when you get all the red rings
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Vectorfish answered:

I hacked the game and set all red rings collected. After I replayed a level, I got a message that I can use Infinite Boost option. I'm not sure if it's allowed to post images in "Answer" section so I posted it in "What happens if you collect all the red rings?" topic on the board.
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