Question from Misty_Reyes1989

Asked: 3 years ago

How do I beat the true final boss?

I am lost on this final boss is there any way you can hit the boss?

Accepted Answer

From: Link959 3 years ago

hold Y, and hit the rocks. If you hit the left side, it'll attack the right tentacles. If you hit the right side, it will hit the left tentacles. After this, sonic will go super sonic boost, and head for the eye. Don't get hit by the tentacles, or the red fireballs. (purple is fine, it just slows u down.) Rocks will automaticly get knocked out of the way. Try to stay in the middle, becuz theres an aiming sequence at the end. Miss and you have to do this again. Do this successfully 3 times and you'll beat the boss. Also, rings wont run out on part 2. Gl, hoped this helped!

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