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How do I get past Wonderland?

I am stuck in wonderland, I found the first 12 words of 16, from searching everywhere. I've talked to everyone, and the rabbit, the black card and Alice all want me to choose an option after they ask me something. Some options are visible, while others are just ????, with that I am confused as to what to do next. How I do I find the other words?


septiroth99 answered:

just go through every door. the words will appear on the map as little dots.
I myself need only one. the 7th word. can't find it anywhere, and I've been literally everywhere! does anyone know where I can find that one?
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xX_JoEy_Xx answered:

Looking at the FAQ works : )
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Lorichan23 answered:

To get the Inklings, you need to take a good look at your surroundings. After you grab Alice's name from the same area, head towards one of the three open areas. They are the Hedge Maze, the Aimless Path, and the Rose Garden.

If you head to the Aimless path (the exit on the right side of the map screen), there will be an Inkling called "Card Soldiers" in the top left corner. Head over to the north exit, leading to the tea party garden. There you will find two of the Inklings, "Mad Hatter" (examine the door on the house to the left) and "Unbirthday" (examine the note next to the picture frame at the head of the table). Examine the table to find the White Rabbit. Leave the area to find that the cards running faster than normal. You need to find the glitch, located in the middle of the bottom screen, without being caught by the card guards. This will get you the Inkling for "Watch". Head back to the Tea room and speak to the rabbit again. "????" should be replaced by "Watch" and he will speed off, leaving you with the Inkling "Trial".
If you go to the Rose Garden (the bottom exit in the clearing with Alice, on the left side), you will be confronted with a confusing switching hedgeways (I can't think of a proper term at the moment). Best thing to do is just keeping track which ways you've already gone. I destroyed blocks in each area to let me know I had already been there. The three inklings there are "Red Roses", "White Roses", and "Looking-Glass".
If you go to the Hedge Maze (the top exit in the clearing with Alice on the left), you will find the Ace of Spades and another Inkling "White Rabbit" located in the top corners of the area. Don't bother talking to the Spade unless you have the Inkling "White Roses". If you do have "White Roses", talk to him and choose that option. This will get you "Queen of Hearts". Go through the top exit to get to the Bizzare Room. Fight the Large Body like it is normal size. Drink the potion to grow larger. In the bottom left corner (Looking at the map), you will find "Cookie". By the fireplace (on top of the area next to the hearth, not inside) is "Cheshire Cat". Talk to the Doorknob. The glitch to fix him is on top of the table where you started. This will get you "Doorknob". Head to the left and exit. Another glitch. This one is located next to where the Ace of Spades was standing.
Should you take one of the exits in any of these three areas that do not lead back to the clearing, you will stumble on Lotus Forest. Looking at your map, they are located near the left exit, "Heartless", and in a secluded area near the right exit, "Peculiar Hole".
You should now have all of the Inklings and are ready to talk to Alice. And unless you have never watched or read Alice in Wonderland, you should be able to answer them all correctly. If you continue to help her remember past the location of the keyhole, she will reward you with a gift. Hope you all find this useful.
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Sean010 answered:

How do you get to the back door
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kingdommaster10 answered:

To get past wonderland, you need to collect 16 inklings that look like stars, once you find them all, go talk to Alice, she will ask you a question. If you get them all right you can finish it. Note: You don't need to find all of them, you just need to find ones that she will ask.
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