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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I get past Castle Oblivion - Olympus Coliseum?

I'm at the Olympus Coliseum in Castle Oblivion, and I got the Normal Card. How do i get the Alternate and Extra Cards?

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Okay. I got that one. Now what about getting the extra card from World 6. I can probably get Pete in less than 30 seconds. But how do I reach Maleficent in less than a minute?

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Just book it? Ah, considering the myriad of blocks involved, that's kinda hard to do. I mean you got to wait for blocks to appear, or reach you, or move out of the way. And I can't slide or cast a spell to blow away the troublesome blocks. So that's the strategy? Just book it?

Also, in regards to Pete, it seems that I can't handle him in less than 30 seconds. And that's with the Oathkeeper. It seems I need to load up on Thundaga and Thundara, then cast them repeatedly at the beginning in order to get him.

Additional details - 4 years ago

Thanks. I got it with just two seconds left to spare, and I didn't have the Fast Run enabled. Guess I didn't get the chips organized correctly to reach that one.

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From: pyromite 4 years ago

Let me provide a more in-depth answer. To beat down Pete, High Jump and all the combo extensions help, which goes without saying. I'd also suggest using either Metal Chocobo or Oblivion since they seem to knock him back better. The key to beating Pete is not to keep chasing after him and waiting for a clear shot, it's to keep him from making any hits and just knock him into next week. I got him with nothing more than physical attacks, you can too.

And for Maleficent, use the auto-jump feature in this game to your advantage. Run straight off the disappearing blocks and use your shadow to tell you where you'll land. To start, run straight forward (have Fast Run enabled) and auto-jump off the edge of the first two disappearing block and you should clear right over the other block, right in front of the next flower. Hit that, then auto-jump off of the next path of disappearing blocks to the third block of the second set, then auto-jump to the third and the next flower. Maneuver around the Defender Heartless and catch the moving block, block against any of the Defender's attacks if you have to, and stay on the moving block until the second moving block is close enough to auto-jump to. Just disregard the disappearing block between you and the second moving block. Take that second block to the disappearing block path and run to the next flower, activate it, and take the moving block on the immediate right and take that to the next moving block. Use that to get all the way to the next flower. Take the moving block in front of you, wait until it stops and auto-jump to the bouncy block and reach the last flower. Auto-jump the two forked paths right next to you and run and auto-jump the last disappearing blocks right to Maleficent.

As long in the mouth as that is, it shouldn't take you more than 45-50 seconds to run all that.

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For the extra you need to pass Herc and Clouds test, beat Hades test in under a min, alternate you just have to fail all 3.

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Just book it. Go the direct route and don't get stopped by anything. If all goes well, you should reach her in 45-50 seconds.

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Pyromite has some good advice but missed one shortcut when you get to the 3rd or 2nd to last area you can jump from a block right under a danger block dont be afraid of hitting it if you wait for it to rise which should be as soon as you see it the block will stay in the air long enough for you to jump under it and jump to the green block to your right. now as for the other cards take at least 1m to beat pete and 3m to make it to malificent which is the worst possible results for the world and you will get a card to beat pete in a minuete the best idea is to gat him down to one hp so that nothing will happen until you approach him then just sit there until 1m runs.

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