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Castle Oblivion - Wonderland?

I'm trying to get the blue card ending for wonderland but dont know how. can anyone help?

kdodgen18 asked for clarification:

I already tried each one multiple times and they didnt work. Is there another way?


DV97 answered:

Answer from noz3r0's faq, so all credits go to him, not me:

Next up is Wonderland. Destroy the Bug Block in the corner behind Alice to
and examine the corner to find the Cheshire Cat. The answer to his riddle is
the letter "D." Talk to Alice and tell her what her name is, either "Alice" or
"The Queen of Hearts". In the next room talk to the Heart on the left and
deliver the Potion to the Spade or alternatively give it to the other Heart.
Speak with the White Rabbit and he will take off dropping his watch, either
run in to the green star or avoid it and talk to the White Rabbit again. If
you did everything correctly, ie; solved the riddle, told Alice her real name,
made the delivery properly, and didn't touch the watch you get the [W3 ALTERNATE
CARD]. If you did everything wrong, ie; gave up on the riddle, lied to Alice,
gave the delivery to the other Heart, and picked up the watch you get the [W3
EXTRA CARD]. If you did one to three things wrong then you get the [W3 NORMAL
CARD], return to the world and get each card. Don't miss the Rare Prize Block
in a corner for the [THUNDER RESISTANCE +4].
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Excalipur answered:

When you talk to the queen, she will tell you what you did wrong. Do everything right for one ending, everything wrong for another and mix it up for the third.
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amtir answered:


1.. be the suspect by doing all wrong thing.....alternate card

2.. do nothing wrong...extra card

3... doing some of the task wrong.... normal card
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