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Munny and chips for Stat Matrix?

1) How can I obtain many munny very fast? I have 29505 munny, I need to obtain at least 80000 more to buy Thundaga D (which is 99000) and some ethers.

2) How do I get more chips for Stat Matrix? I have obtained every single rare prize blocks, and I have 96% of System Areas complete(that means i didn't do the last one, the Hollow Bastion LV 80 SA). So, apart from chips I get from trophies and level ups, I don't know how to get other chips.

I have finished the game, just in case you want to know.

Accepted Answer

dozingdevil answered:

To obtain munny fast, use the 5x prize drop. it affects money and health orbs.

you can get more chips for the stat matrix through the level 80 system area. (infinite supply) or the avatar menu areas

alternatively some enemies drop stat chips, and you can refer to my item drop faq for which.
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