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Unique Enemy Loot Trophy??

I dont understand how to get this trophy
is "unique enemy loot" referring to rare items that the heartless drop??
if so, then gettin this trophy sounds kinda impossible since there's no way to know which heartless you miss to pick items from


dozingdevil answered:

you can

go in to enemy profiles and then press R

you can see all enemy drops.

for help on drop percentages use my guide in FAQS.
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KeyBlade999 answered:

There is a simple, but lengthy way, to virtually guarantee your odds of finding all of the enemy loot.

- Set the Loot Cheat to x10 ~ x16 (depends on your stats, skills, and world).
- Go through each world on Beginner.
- Go through each world on Standard.
- Go through each world on Proud.
- Go through each world on Critical.


- Go a System Sector with an Eliminator possibly in it.
- Find it, set the Loot to 16x, and the HP Cheat to 1.
- Defeat it. You'll probably need to repeat this a lot, and on each difficulty.

As for the Golden Trichloma, you'll have to get lucky.

Sorry, that is the best I can do. You can find the drops in my FAQs.
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