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Missing Rare Prize Box?

I finished the game, and I found that I got 15 of the 16 rare prize boxes from the Agrabah level. Is there a way I can make it 16 for 16? Can I do that by replaying the level after the game is over? I'm left wondering where the missing box is, since I can't seem to find it.

JediAlly provided additional details:

Okay, then can someone help me find the last box. I followed the strategy guide, and found all the boxes listed in the guide. I did a count in the guide, and I came up with 15, not 16. Could someone give me a rundown of how many of these blocks are in each area of Agrabah?

Accepted Answer

demiarch answered:

Yes you must replay the episode to find it. You cannot find it in questploration.
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