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Where can i find a Yellow Debug device?

I have one last debug. And its a yellow one and i cant find it anywhere! I did all sectors... Im trying to do quests.. And,.. I smashed everything! I CANT FIND IT!

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KeyBlade999 answered:

- Defeat Sora's Heartless in World 7.
- Buy from the Moogle Shop after finishing World 8.
- Look in the Hollow Bastion System Sector (the upper level, Lv. 80 one).
- Get every card in Castle Oblivion. See my FAQ for the details.
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Mikey_R answered:

Get all the world cards in Castle Oblivion.
Hollow Bastion System sector.
Moogle shop.
Beat Sora's heartless.
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ChibiAqua answered:

Have you tried moogle shop?
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FFolie answered:

Save up 75,000 money and buy it at a moogle shop. The way I got the money was killing the enemys outside of ollympus colliseuim.
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dibbion answered:

Mikey_R is right. On the Hollow Bastion sector, you need to be level Eighty to easily get through. Fair warning, on level twelve, if you kill the final bug baddie in a room that is not the one the link opens in, prepare yourself. Blizzard charm, compass, feather chain, heavy chain, zip watch, that sort of thing. Because once you leave that room you have a stalker that you need to eliminate in order to complete that challenge: Eliminate the Eliminator. I recommend you kill him in the link room, so you can leave once you're done setting up for the next (and final!) floor. This one is home to a challenging enemy. Your unknown friend from Castle Oblivion as a bug baddy. Make sure you have your clock tree set up so you use a finish command after you finish filling the second gauge level. That will help you complete this challenge: Use a finish command in under sixty seconds. He killed me about three times before I shut the system off. I lost it over a video game! TWICE IN ONE NIGHT!!! So, NOW I have the sense to prepare for it the next time I try taking on the sector. Good luck getting that debug device!
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