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How i unlock all character?

How i unlock all character? plz HELP

Additional details - 4 years ago

beyblade: metal fusion ds how i can unlock Sora character

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complete the story mode several times with different characters, and if you have a collectors edition you can unlock 2 more characters through DS-wii connection.

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Yep, u have to complete the story mode many times with different characters to unlock more characters. Sometimes, u also unlock more bey parts as u unlock characters.

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Sora comes pre-unlocked in the cyber pegasus version.
in other collectors-edition versions he can be unlocked through the wii game.

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You have to battle someone with Sora locally. The Wii game only gives B-Killer and the Devil Serpenter parts.

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You can't unless you get the game from toysrus

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How many times do u have to beat story mode

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