Your GameFAQs Message Board account has been banned by an administrator. Accounts are banned for one of several specific reasons:

  1. You received a moderation with a karma score of less than zero
  2. You committed one or more severe Message Board Terms of Use violations
  3. You abused message board, contribution, feedback, or other site forms (submitting plagiarized material, form flooding, abuse of mods/admins, etc)
  4. You share a computer or an account with someone who was banned for one of the above reasons.
  5. You were banned from another CBS Interactive site.

If you were banned for one of the first three reasons, then you more than likely already know exactly why you were banned.

If you were banned because you share a computer or account with a banned user, then bear in mind that it is completely impossible for GameFAQs to distinguish one person from another using the same computer. This is clearly stated in the Terms of Use and in several other places - Don't share your computer and don't share your account with anyone you don't completely trust.

Bans are final and permanent.