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Santa Claus no Takarabako

FDS 1987

Version: 1.0


There are two modes to play, creating a Christmas card and or playing a few
party games with friends. You can play it by yourself but it wasn't designed
for that case.


In general, SELECT will back out to the previous menu until you reach main
choices again. On the main screen it is used to switch between the options.

A is for inputting choices such as a character or option.

As usual the direction buttons are used to move around. For more detailed
instructions check the individual sections.


The main menu has five options to pick from.

Message: Type the Christmas message you want to, like the one that is there as
         default. Cycle between the lines with B + START.

Screen:  Change the background music as well as the background image.

Santa:   Draw something else aside of the Santa that is given. Use A + START
         to pick any of the four colors, B + START to choose between the
         original Santa or the User's image. Simply move around with the D-Pad
         to get to the other sections of Santa to alter the image.

Run:     View the card you have created along with music, message and the
         animated Santa (or custom image if you chose to).

Save:    Keep your creation on file for later.



I don't see a game here per se. I think it serves a number draw for you to
play the real Bingo at home. I'm not sure what those icons represent either
yet the game seems to do nothing else but draw number after number with no
real outcome.


As before, this isn't a game. It is just a roulette wheel that turns and shows
you if the number is black or red, odd or even, or in the higher or lower
ranges of the available numbers (24). I assume you are supposed to bet on a
number or range yourself, and just see if you guessed correctly. That's it. It
being a party game you are just seeing how of your group wins and who doesn't.

Slot Machine:

This is actually a real game. You start with 100 units. Each bet costs 10,
pull with the A button. B + START resets the game whenever you want or have
run out of money. Here are *some* of the winning combinations. If you get
across the missing ones be sure to let me know so I can finish this up.

CHERRY                          10
CHERRY    CHERRY                50
7         7                    100
7         7         7            ?
MELON     MELON     MELON      200
APPLE     APPLE     APPLE      300
LEMON     LEMON     LEMON        ?

Poker Dice:

Think of the dice like cards. You can have a pair, three of a kind, four and
even all five the same number. Full House would be three of a kind and a pair
at the same time. A straight is a row of numbers like 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 or 2,
3, 4, 5 and 6.

You do not have any money or bets, you can bet outside of the game or see
who rolls the best between a few friends.

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