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Developed and Published Games

iOS (iPhone/iPad) Carrom Pro 05/19/12 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Computer Quiz 06/04/12 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) i2D Billiard Plus 06/05/12 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Science Quiz - Challenge Your Friends! Contains Botany Quiz,Zoology Quiz,Maths Quiz,Physics Quiz,Invention Quiz,Planet Quiz,Chemistry Quiz,Earth Quiz,Solar System and Many More ! 01/07/13 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Carrom Pro - Tablet Edition ! 01/31/13 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Carrom Pro - Tablet Version ! 02/20/13 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Computer Quiz Multiplayer - Challenge your Facebook, Twitter friends. Contains Internet Quiz, Hardware Quiz, Software Quiz, Memory Quiz, Graphics Quiz, Apple Quiz, Mobiles Quiz, Tablet Quiz, Network Quiz. 04/09/13 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Science Quiz Multiplayer 04/23/13 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Food Ninja - Don't touch angry ninja - No Brakes! 08/02/14 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) 100 Color Tiles - Don't hit wrong tiles ! 08/03/14 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Make 3d man jump & run. Don't fall - Never die in race! 08/07/14 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Alien Timber Boy - Better log cutting man ! 08/10/14 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) The Tower Maker : Tap on Time to Push Amazing Wooden Squares ! 10/05/14 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Maths - The Four Magical Operators - A Brainy Memory Game ! 10/19/14 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Amazing Stickman - A long legs tiny thief : Make them Fight ! 10/26/14 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Make Them Escape : Amazing thief Stickman fight - ketchapp ! 11/16/14 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) 2 Cars Amazing Highway Ninja Road Race - Make them never Clash ! 12/21/14 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Stick Apple Ninja - Help to pass amazing tiny subway tower ! 01/04/15 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Circle the Line - Make them Swing Jump & Don't stick amazing Ring to lines 01/11/15 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Amazing Cars Racing Rivals ketchapp : Take Ninja circle - Avoid lemon squares - Don't Crush 01/25/15 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Farm City : Farming Adventures - Bouncing Rocket Bonuses ! 05/10/15 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Rocket Crush 05/23/15 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Guess Picture Words Scramble : One Pic 1 word Kids Games with friends 06/06/15 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Bubble Blast Saga 07/05/15 North America