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Developed and Published Games

MSX Mahjong Kyou Special 1985 Japan
MSX Shogi Kyou 1985 Japan
MSX Kyou Pack II 1985 Japan
FM Towns The New Zealand Story August 1989 Japan
FM Towns Final Blow March 1990 Japan
FM Towns Operation Wolf April 1990 Japan
FM Towns Puzznic July 1990 Japan
FM Towns Bubble Bobble 10/31/90 Japan
FM Towns Image Fight November 1990 Japan
FM Towns Chase H.Q. 08/09/91 Japan
NEC PC98 Life & Death 11/28/91 Japan
FM Towns Volfied December 1991 Japan
FM Towns Life & Death January 1992 Japan
FM Towns Rainbow Islands Extra 04/24/92 Japan
Sharp X68000 Life & Death 04/25/92 Japan
FM Towns Splatterhouse 06/25/92 Japan
FM Towns Life & Death II: The Brain 11/27/92 Japan
NEC PC98 Super Real Mahjong Part II & Part III 03/31/93 Japan
FM Towns Tatsujin Oh April 1993 Japan
FM Towns Flying Shark 09/23/93 Japan
NEC PC98 Planet's Edge: Point of no Return 09/30/93 Japan
FM Towns Planet's Edge September 1993 Japan
Sharp X68000 Super Real Mahjong PII & PIII 10/24/93 Japan
NEC PC98 Legends of Valour: Gouyuu no Densetsu 11/27/93 Japan
FM Towns Viewpoint November 1993 Japan
FM Towns Kyuukyoku Tiger 02/10/94 Japan
FM Towns Legends of Valour 03/10/94 Japan
Sharp X68000 Super Real Mahjong PIV 04/27/94 Japan
NEC PC98 Super Real Mahjong Part IV 05/27/94 Japan
NEC PC98 Stronghold: Koutei no Yousai 06/02/94 Japan
FM Towns Stronghold: Koutei no Yousai June 1994 Japan
NEC PC98 Veil of Darkness: Norowareta Yogen 08/04/94 Japan
FM Towns Veil of Darkness: Norowareta Yogen August 1994 Japan
FM Towns Gendai Daisenryaku EX Special 09/14/94 Japan
FM Towns Blandia Plus 09/30/94 Japan
NEC PC98 The Summoning: Asu e no Shoukan 11/10/94 Japan
NEC PC98 Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Eye of the Beholder - Assault on Myth Drannor 11/30/94 Japan
FM Towns Pu-Li-Ru-La November 1994 Japan
NEC PC98 Super Real Mahjong Part IV: Final 02/16/95 Japan
FM Towns Ravenloft: Aku no Keshin April 1995 Japan
NEC PC98 Blandia 98 06/22/95 Japan
NEC PC98 Ravenloft: Aku no Keshin 06/23/95 Japan
PlayStation Night Striker 07/28/95 Japan
Saturn Layer Section 09/14/95 North America
Saturn Metal Black 05/24/96 Japan
Saturn Night Striker S 06/14/96 Japan
PlayStation Harukaze Sentai V-Force 11/15/96 Japan
Saturn Elevator Action Returns 02/14/97 Japan
Saturn Harukaze Sentai V-Force 06/27/97 Japan
Saturn Bubble Symphony 11/27/97 Japan
PlayStation Backgainer: Hishou-hen "Uragiri no Senjou" 01/29/98 Japan
PlayStation Backgainer: Kakusei-hen "Gainer Tensei" 06/25/98 Japan
Saturn Backgainer: Kakusei-hen "Gainer Tensei" 07/30/98 Japan
Saturn Backgainer: Hishou-hen "Uragiri no Senjou" 10/01/98 Japan
Saturn Mizubaku Daibouken 10/22/98 Japan
PlayStation Chakusin Melody Damon 11/25/99 Japan
PlayStation Chakusin Melody Damo Volume 2 01/27/00 Japan
PlayStation Chakusin Melody Damon Volume 3 02/24/00 Japan
PlayStation Chakusin Melody Damon Volume 4 04/13/00 Japan
PlayStation Sakkyoku Surun Damon: Dance Remix Hen 06/29/00 Japan
PlayStation Chakusin Melody Damon Gold 08/10/00 Japan
PlayStation Mahjong de Asobo 11/30/00 Japan