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Developed and Published Games

PC Allods: Sealed Mystery April 1998 Europe
PC Echelon 05/16/01 North America
PC Red Shark March 2003 Europe
PC The Stalin Subway: The Red Veil 07/15/03 North America
PC Echelon: Wind Warriors 11/07/03 North America
PC Fair Strike 02/10/04 North America
PC Battle Mages 03/26/04 Europe
PC Hellforces May 2005 North America
PC The Stalin Subway 09/25/05 North America
PC Operation: Matriarchy Q3 2005 North America
PC Battle Mages: Sign of Darkness 10/11/05 Europe
PC Hard Truck: Apocalypse 12/08/05 North America
PC Pacific Storm 02/24/06 Europe
PC Moscow Rush Q1 2006 Europe
PC Pacific Storm: Allies 05/25/07 North America
PC Hard Truck: Apocalypse - Rise of Clans 06/19/07 North America
PC Collapse Q4 2007 Europe
PC DUSK-12 Q4 2007 North America
PC The Swarm Q1 2008 Europe
PC Sledgehammer 10/04/08 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Adventures of the Hunter 03/30/10 North America
PC Collapse: The Rage 05/13/10 Europe
PC MorphX 09/24/10 Europe
Xbox 360 MorphX 09/24/10 North America
PC Hard Truck: Apocalypse 03/14/14 North America
PC Hard Truck: Apocalypse - Arcade 03/14/14 North America
PC Man of Prey 04/04/14 North America
PC Aggression: Reign over Europe 04/09/14 North America
PC Save Leopards TBA Europe