Companies by Alpha

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Developed and Published Games

PC Edelweiss 07/10/08 Europe
PC Which Girl Should I Choose? 07/10/08 North America
PC My Sex Slave is a Classmate 07/24/08 Europe
PC Shera, My Witch 2008 Europe
PC Tasty Shafts 2008 Europe
PC Da Capo 01/23/09 North America
PC Suika A.S.+ 03/10/09 Europe
PC Kirakira 06/25/09 North America
PC Shuffle! 08/15/09 North America
PC Suck my d or die! 10/30/09 Europe
PC Higurashi When They Cry 12/15/09 North America
PC Soul Link 12/28/09 Europe
PC Cosplay Alien 01/20/10 Europe
PC Higurashi When They Cry Kai "Tsumihoroboshi" 02/10/10 North America
PC Edelweiss: Eiden Fantasia 03/20/10 Europe
PC Edelweiss Deluxe Set 03/20/10 North America
PC Kira Kira Curtain Call 04/30/10 Europe
PC Sandwiched By My Wife And Her Sister 10/10/10 Europe
PC Da Capo 2 12/24/10 North America
PC Koihime Musou ~A Heart-Throbbing, Maidenly Romance of the Three Kingdoms~ 02/28/11 North America
PC Guilty ~The SiN~ 03/14/11 North America
PC Kara no Shoujo 06/29/11 North America
PC We Love Master! 07/31/11 North America
PC Go! Go! Nippon! ~My First Trip to Japan~ 09/30/11 North America
PC Conquering the Queen 10/28/11 Europe
PC Harem Party 11/25/11 North America
PC Dear Drops 11/25/11 North America
PC Magical Teacher: My Teacher's a Mage? 04/11/12 Europe
PC Dengeki Stryker 06/21/12 Europe
PC ef - the first tale. 07/25/12 Europe
PC Sexy Demon Transformation 09/14/12 Europe
PC EVE: Burst Error 09/30/12 North America
PC Boob Wars: Big Boobs vs Flat Chests 10/18/12 Europe
PC Otoboku: Maidens Are Falling For Me 11/23/12 North America
PC Slave Witch April 12/20/12 Europe
PC SSSS: Super Secret Sexy Spy 04/01/13 Europe
PC Tick! Tack! 04/26/13 North America
PC Orion Heart 05/24/13 Europe
PC 99 Spirits 05/31/13 Europe
PC World End Economica episode.1 06/14/13 North America
PC Throb! The Greatest Inventions of the Sexy Era! 06/21/13 Europe
PC Laxius Force III 07/12/13 Europe
PC The Flower Shop: Summer In Fairbrook 08/02/13 Europe
PC Spirited Heart 08/02/13 Europe
PC Spirited Heart Girls Love 08/02/13 Europe
PC Harukoi Otome ~Greetings from the Maidens' Garden~ 08/09/13 Europe
PC 3 Stars of Destiny 08/30/13 Europe
PC Koenchu! -The Tale of the Voice Actress- 09/06/13 Europe
PC Princess Edge - DragonStone 09/06/13 Europe
PC Eroge! ~Sex and Games Make Sexy Games~ 09/13/13 North America
PC C*m on! B*kkake Ranch! 10/18/13 North America
PC Demon Master Chris 10/31/13 North America
PC Touma Kojirou's Detective File: Murder at the Opera House 11/28/13 Europe
PC Warrior Princess Asuka 11/29/13 Europe
PC ef - the latter tale. 12/20/13 Europe
PC Valkyrie Svia 01/24/14 North America
PC Ultimate Boob Wars!! ~Big Breasts vs Flat Chests~ 02/21/14 North America
PC Imouto Paradise! 03/16/14 North America
PC Cho Dengeki Stryker 03/28/14 North America
PC Milles, Knight of Anal Tyranny 04/25/14 North America
PC Lapis Gunner 05/09/14 Europe
PC Really? Really! 06/06/14 North America
PC Hypno-training My Mother and Sister 06/20/14 Europe
PC Armored Warrior Iris 07/18/14 North America
PC Obscene Medical Records of a Married Nurse 09/05/14 Europe
PC d2b vs Deardrops -Cross the Future- 09/26/14 North America
PC Cartagra ~Affliction of the Soul~ 10/31/14 North America
PC Royal Guard Melissa 11/14/14 Europe
PC Secret Sorrow of the Siblings 11/28/14 North America
PC ef - a fairy tale of the two. 12/24/14 North America
PC Space Pirate Sara 12/26/14 North America
PC HuniePop 01/19/15 Europe
PC Eden* 01/30/15 North America
PC eden* PLUS + MOSAIC 01/30/15 North America
PC No, Thank You!!! 02/27/15 North America
PC Princess Evangile 03/27/15 North America
Linux Higurashi When They Cry: Chapter 1 - Onikakushi (Steam Edition) 05/15/15 North America
Macintosh Higurashi When They Cry: Chapter 1 - Onikakushi (Steam Edition) 05/15/15 North America
PC Free Friends 06/26/15 North America
PC The Menagerie TBA Europe
PC Sakura Spirit TBA Europe
PC The House in Fata Morgana TBA North America
PC Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning TBA North America
PC Forbidden Love With My Wifes Sister TBA North America
PC Free Friends 2 TBA North America
PC Kara no Shoujo 2 TBA North America
PC Ozmafia!! TBA North America
PC euphoria TBA North America
PC Da Capo 3 R (X-Rated) TBA North America
PC Bokuten: Why I Became an Angel TBA North America