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PC Black & White Sound Effects, Music Composition & Arrangement
PC Black & White 2 Audio Director
PC Black & White: Creature Isle Sound & Music
PC Dungeon Keeper Music and Sound Effects
Xbox Fable Lead Sound Effects
Xbox Fable Music Composed by
Xbox 360 Fable II Music
PC Gene Wars Music & SFX
PC Magic Carpet Music
PC Magic Carpet Sound
PC Magic Carpet 2: The Netherworlds Sound & Music
3DO Syndicate Music and Sound Effects
Amiga Syndicate Sound and Music
Genesis Syndicate Sound & Music
Jaguar Syndicate Sound & Music
Macintosh Syndicate Sound & Music
Super Nintendo Syndicate Music
PC Syndicate (1993) Sound & Music
PC Syndicate Wars Music & Sound
PlayStation Syndicate Wars Music & Sound
PC The Movies Head of Lionhead Audio
PC The Movies: Stunts & Effects Audio Lead
PC Theme Hospital Music & Sound Effects
PlayStation Theme Hospital Music & Sound Effects
3DO Theme Park Sound & Music
Amiga Theme Park Music
Amiga Theme Park Sound Effects
DS Theme Park Original Sound & Music
Genesis Theme Park Sound and Music
Jaguar Theme Park Music Coordinator
PC Theme Park Music
Sega CD Theme Park Music Composer
Super Nintendo Theme Park Music Composer