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PC Armed and Dangerous Art Support
Super Nintendo Cutthroat Island Animation
Commodore 64 Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future Coder
Commodore 64 Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future Music
Super Nintendo Disney's Pinocchio Sprite Artist
PC Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords Art & Animation
Wii GoldenEye 007 Character
Xbox Grabbed by the Ghoulies Production
PC Gun Metal Artist
Xbox Gun Metal Artist
Xbox 360 Jetpac Refuelled Producer
Xbox 360 Jetpac Refuelled Refuelled Desginer
Commodore 64 Laurel & Hardy Programmer
Game Boy Color NASCAR 2000 Additional Art
PlayStation Rampage World Tour Art
Game Boy Color Rugrats in Paris: The Movie Additional Art
Game Boy Color Rugrats: Time Travellers Graphics
Game Boy Advance Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase Lead Animator
Super Nintendo Spider-Man & Venom: Separation Anxiety Animator
Game Boy Color The Simpsons: Night of the Living Treehouse of Horror Additonal Art
PC The Simpsons: Virtual Springfield Computer Art Direction, Computer Animation
Super Nintendo The Tick Artwork