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Sega Master System Asterix Sound
GameCube Custom Robo Sound
DS Custom Robo Arena Music
Arcade Games Ehrgeiz Music & Sound Effect
PlayStation Ehrgeiz Music Composer
PlayStation Ehrgeiz Sound Effects
PlayStation 2 God Hand Event Design
WonderSwan Color Guilty Gear Petit 2 Sound
DS Gunpey DS Sound Products Team
Xbox Kabuki Warriors Sound
PSP Lumines Composer
PSP Lumines Music Artist
PlayStation 2 Lumines Plus Music Artist
DS Meteos Music Composer
Sega Master System Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Sound Programmer
Xbox 360 Ninety-Nine Nights Music Composer
PC Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Sound Design
PlayStation 3 Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Sound Design
Xbox 360 Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Sound Design
Game Boy Color Star Ocean: Blue Sphere Sound
Sega Master System Streets of Rage Sound
PlayStation 3 Super Street Fighter IV Character Animator
Game Boy Advance The King of Fighters EX: Neo Blood Sound Composed By
GameCube Tube Slider Sound Director
Arcade Games Virtua Fighter Kids Music Compose