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PlayStation 2 Astro Boy Sound Director
Game Boy Advance Baseball Advance Audio
Xbox Gunvalkyrie Sound Producer [Wave Master]
Wii NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams Music Composer & Arranger
Saturn Panzer Dragoon II Zwei Music
Game Boy Advance Puyo Pop Fever Voice Data Operation
Sega 32X Shadow Squadron Music
Sega 32X Shadow Squadron Sound Effects
GameCube Shadow the Hedgehog Sound Effects
Game Boy Advance Sonic Advance 2 Sound
Game Boy Advance Sonic Advance 2 Sound Creator
DS Sonic Colors Music Composers
DS Sonic Colors Sound Effects
DS Sonic Colors Sound Producer
GameCube Sonic Heroes Music Composer
Game Boy Advance Sonic Pinball Party Sound Creator
DS Sonic Rush Sound Director
DS Sonic Rush Adventure Sound Director
PlayStation 3 Sonic the Hedgehog Sound Section Special Thanks