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Android Anomaly Korea Sound Engineer
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Anomaly Korea Sound Engineer
Linux Anomaly Korea Sound Engineer
Macintosh Anomaly Korea Sound Engineer
PC Anomaly Korea Sound Engineer
PC Arcangel: The Legacy of Peace Music
PC Arcangel: The Legacy of Peace Sound Effects
PC Archangel (2002) Additional Lighting/Music/Sound Effects
PC Archangel (2002) Additional Monsters' Voices
PC Archangel (2002) Additional Special Effects
PC Archangel (2002) Additional Text
PC Archangel (2002) Voiceover: Spectre
PC Avernum 5 Introduction Music
Amiga Behind The Iron Gate Musician
DS Blades of Thunder II Sound Effects
PC GTI Racing Music
PC Infernal Music & Sound Design
PC Painkiller: Battle out of Hell Sound Design & Music
PC Painkiller: Gold Edition Sound Design & Music
Game Boy Advance Payback Soundtrack
PC Shadow Warrior Audio Director
PC Shadow Warrior Sound Designer / Additional Music / Music Editing
PC The Witcher Music & Sound