What are Friend Lists on GameFAQs?

Friend Lists allow you to keep track of users you know and like on the site. When you add a user as a Friend, you can highlight their message board posts and view their user profile at any time. The Friend system is available to all Message Board users Level 20 and higher.

How can I access my Friend Lists?

On your user profile page, you can click the Friends link to jump right into your Friend Lists.

What are the different types of Friends?

  • Friends are users who either you have sent a friend request to and they've accepted it, or vice versa. If another user is your friend, you can view their profile at any time, and in the future will be able to view their most recently posted messages.
  • Acquaintances are users who you have made a friend request to, but they haven't yet responded to them. If you want to pull your friend request, just Remove them from your friend list. You can re-request or Follow them instead later.
  • Watching are users who have rejected your friend request. If you want to move a user from the Watching list to the Following list, you can remove them, then Follow them.
  • Following are users you are only following. Their posts will be highlighted on the boards, but you have not made an actual friend request to them.
  • Friend Requests are users who have requested you as a friend. You can either accept or reject their request by clicking the links provided. You will also automatically be Friends with them if you make a friend request back to them.
  • Watchers are users you rejected friend requests from. They are still highlighting your posts, however. You will also automatically be Friends with them if you make a friend request back to them.
  • Fans are users who are following you - your posts are highlighted to them, but they have not requested you as a friend.
  • Rejects are a list of users whose friend requests you have rejected. They cannot make another request to you while on this list. You can manually remove them from this list, or request them as a friend to remove them.

Is there a limit to how many Friends I can have?

You can have a maximum of 250 users across your friend lists (Friend, Acquaintances, Watching, Following). There is no maximum to how many users can watch or follow your posts.

How do I make a Friend Request?

On your Friends List page, you can either select Friend Request from the dropdown menu found by hovering the user's name in a message board post, enter the name of any message board user Level 20 or higher in the Request Friend box, or visit their profile page on the message boards and click the "Request this User as a Friend" button.

How do I approve or reject a Friend Request?

On your Friends List page, go to the Friend Request page, and click the appropriate link to approve or reject the friend request. You can remove a friend at any time by entering their name in the box on the right, or add previously rejected friends by requesting them back.

How can I block all incoming Friend Requests?

On your Advanced Site Settings page, set "Reject All Friend Requests" to Yes.

How do I stop someone from Watching or Following me?

You cannot block someone from highlighting your posts at this time. Long before the Friend Lists were put in place, users could highlight the posts of another user with a third-party tool, and blocking them within the Friend Lists system will not remove their ability to highlight your posts in the same manner.

Can other people see my Friend Lists?

No other users (including moderators) can see your friend lists, although the people who you have added to your friends lists can see that you have done so.

Beyond that, employees or contractors of CBS Interactive may have access to all Private Messages for researching abuse, legal, and site development issues. Please review our Privacy Policy for more information.

How do I remove someone from my Rejects list?

Simply request them as a friend. If you don't actually want them as a friend, but want them off of the list, you can then just remove them. Banned and closed accounts will be purged from Friend Lists automatically once daily.