You may nominate up to 15 of what you consider to be the best video game characters of all time. To nominate a character, enter their name and the game in which they first starred into the boxes below.
  • To be eligible, a character must be an officially named character in a video or computer game released before the start of the contest. Acceptable characters must be named individuals (Mario, Cloud Strife) with exceptions for popular non-unique in-game creatures (such as individual Pokemon species).
  • After you enter a character, you'll be given a list of matches from the most popular characters, so if you see your desired character listed, be sure to select it instead of adding them as a new one.
  • Licensed characters who originate from outside of video games (comic book characters, movie characters), or characters who don't appear in the game themselves (only in supplemental material) will not be accepted. Fictionalized representations of historical characters (Nobunaga from the Onimusha series) are acceptable, as are public-domain characters in the context of a game (Dracula from the Castlevania series)
  • Using multiple accounts to nominate more than 15 characters or the same character multiple times will invalidate all of your nominations. Nominations consisting of nothing but multiple characters from the same game or series may also be discarded.
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