Over the past few months, we have received several reports of people unable to confirm their GameFAQs account when sent a confirmation email. Unfortunately, we cannot duplicate this problem, and as this is blocking people from registering, it's very difficult to have a two-way conversation to diagnose the issue.

If you receive a confirmation email after registering or changing your email, but your browser gives you an error when you click on the link, we need your help in finding out why.

Basic Test

If you are running Windows, you need to bring up a Command Prompt window. This should be in your Start Menu, in "Programs", under "Accessories". Alternately, you can press the Windows Key + R to bring up the Run pop-up, and enter cmd to launch it.

Once you're at the Command Prompt, enter the following command:

nslookup membership.gamefaqs.com

Your system will then try to resolve the IP address for the GameFAQs registration server. After some information on your DNS server (timeout errors are common and not a problem), you should see the following three lines:

Name:    c17-rps-xw-ssl-gne-lb.cnet.com
Aliases:  membership.gamefaqs.com

If the Name, Address, or Alias lines say anything different, please let us know what you're seeing with this feedback ticket. If it all looks the same, then if possible, you can try the Advanced Test below.

Advanced Test

If everything looks good in the Basic Test, you can then try the Advanced Test. You will need to be running the Firefox Browser for this test.

Once you are running Firefox, we will need you to install the Live HTTP Headers add-on. Once you have installed it, open it up under your Tools menu, and make sure the "Capture" checkbox is checked. Once you have done that, then try the membership confirmation email link again.

In the Live HTTP Headers window, you should then see a large number of rows of data. Please click Save All to save this data to a file, then attach that file using this feedback ticket. This data should contain enough diagnostic information for us to understand what is happening.