Oh, it is so cool to reunite with your friends to have some matches of your favorite party games. That is a cool way to have fun, you play, you win, you lose, you yell, what else could you have? Well here is my top ten of party games, the ones I enjoy to play the most. So, enjoy!

Oh, the old Pokemon Stadium. This is a game I liked a lot, I played with my friends just having fun, no planning, no frustrating, just fun. I loved to see my Pokemon Red Pokemon in 3D, it was just way too cool. It was so simple, pick your Pokemon and fight! It was just a very good game...

I dunno what you think but I think that this is the best Mario sport game for the 'cube. I loved the high difference between characters, the easy gameplay, the special shots and the party matches. I played this game just too much with my friends and had tons of fun. I'm sure this is the best Mario Sport game for the 'cube.....

I personally think this game is better than Soul Calibur III. I play with my friends, make fun of how Voldo walks and have a great time. This is a game that I highly recommend because of the big replay-value that it has and the big quantity of cool characters. It's just too cool!

This is the best Tekken game ever seen. All the unlockables, the huge replay value, the variety of characters. If you don't have it, you should! It's just too fun to beat your friends in such a cool game. I'm telling you this game offers some cool afternoons with your friends fighting until your fingers hurt. Highly recommended!

I have played this game only on the PS2 and had a very good time because of the HUGE variety of characters. Man! It has too much variety! Well, and that only increases the fun of the party gaming! Seriously, if you don't have played it, you should.

The first 4 player Mario Kart is a must-have game for those who love to have a very enjoyable competition with a bunch of friends. It's a game for those who love speed/competing/throwing shells. It's a good pick, you should play it again after reading this list, seriously.

People, let's accept it, it has party written on the box! Man, I think this is the best Mario Party just because of the fun that you have with 3 friends playing Mini games all day and laughing at the losers, ha! This is a very enjoyable games in replay value terms. I love it!

Well, we're in the Top 3 my friends so let's move on. This is an excellent game. Funny, enjoyable, cool, innovative, just to cool. Come on, I made an ant once and watched it play tennis, and I laughed, my friends laughed, and we had fun. You can make from Batman to Michael Jackson, from a weird guy to Mario, you'll always have fun

Oh, the old Wario creating an excellent game again. When you see your friends doing the elephant form, the big cheese form, the mohawk form, you have a big laugh. When you see Link transforming into a Mii after getting the Master Sword, you have a big laugh.When you see noses flying and grabbing fruits on Star Nose, you have a big laugh. As you see this game it's all about laughing and having fun. Wario Rules!

Finally, the #1. This, my friends, it's not just my favorite party game, it's my favorite game! I just love it! It's the game with most replay-value I have ever played and if you don't have it, you should buy it right now! The matches you play with your friends can't be compared to anything, it's just too cool. I know you had very good moments playing this game with your friends (If you haven't played it...Man!). The best party game ever!

Well 10 games that make a normal day with friends a very fun day gaming, don't you think? I know that you have one of this games and I know you're calling your friends to play it again. Well, hope that you have enjoyed the list. Bye!

List by NPI_Juliocpp (04/20/2007)

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