Movie games are often rushed to the market to meet cinema or DVD releases. Their only purpose is to make money (of course every video game company wants to make money, but good games have somë taste of ¨uniqueness¨ from the game designers) and they are not innovative at all. However, believe it or not, these games are not so bad: maybe the developers really enjoyed making the game; maybe, even though they didn´t intend to make an excellent game, they magically created a masterpiece out of a movie game.

Not the best racing game, not the best movie game, but a child that watched the movie is going to love it, specially the Wii version because of the Wii Remote. the graphics resemble the movie scenarios and cars very well, and there is voice acting, so kids will love to race in what they just saw in the cinema or the DVD. However, there is too much emphasis in races versus Lightning McQueen friends, which makes no sense, because he barely races anyone other than Doc Hudson, he only races in the Piston Cup and other more important races. Anyways, small children won´t care about this, so I think this is the perfect gift for a kid that plays videogames, specially the Wii.

Not very good the first time you play it, but pretty inmersive afterwards, and it´s excellent as a time killer. It´s fun to defeat dinos and kill enemies and the graphics aren´t bad except for some graphical glitches and some clipping. It´s 2007, and this should be a cheap game right now, so buy it if you see it in a store.

Uhh... This game is GREAT...but for some reason, it's not excellently ranked in the list... It´s fun to play, speacilly with a friend or btother in co-op mode, or even if you are alone. However, computer controlled allies aren´t the most intelligent, and sometimes you don´t know what´s the next thing to do. You can interact with several things depending on what character you are controlling, mainly by using the force. It´s also fun to use the lightsaber to fight, so you will be using Luke and Obi Wan most of the time, I guess. Using characters like R2D2, however, can be tedious, and the game itself is sometimes a bit repetitive. That´s why it is 8th in my list. Remember that this is a fun Star Wars game, though, so you might love it if you are a Star Wars fan.

Yea, I´m not drunk or anything... I´m talking about the DS version and the DS version only... This game´s graphics are freat, as well as the sound and gameplay. Maybe the best DS movie-based video game out there. It has bland cut-scenes -which is bad. And, probably, the combos are a bit random and unimpressive. Other than that, it´s a great game with a good fighting system.

This game is so fun to play! Whether you are riding a motorcycle or going down a buiding with a harness, or shooting on first-person shoothing mode, this is great, and specially fun to play! I think this is the best FPS for the GameCube at least! So if everything is great with this game, why do I put this in the 6th place? It´s not the best in any area, and it´s a bit simplistic in independent parts of the game. However, this game unites and FPS with fighting and exploring and... James Bond of course.

This is the only good game for the Jaguar, as there isn´t too much to choose from. It is very much like Wolfestein 3D with separate scenarios for each character. This is a fun game for the Jaguar, and, if you happen to own the console, you should buy it somewhere, because it rocks.

Spider-Man...again... This game is somewhat similar to the first one: web-swinging is enhanced and extremely fun to use. However, a few problems like dullness of side missions and linearity in main objectives result it to be worse than the first game, but still very enjoyable. You might have noticed that this game is also on PC, but that version is different and not as good as this one.

I bet that you didn´t expect this in the list. In case you haven´t played this yet, you should, because it´s an original idea to make a game about the racing pert of the 1999 Star Wars movie that counts as the first: Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. It´s a very entertaining game, manily because you are racing in areas and with characters from the movie. The pods can be damaged in a realistic way, and it´s even fun when you crash. You should try this racing game. If you can´t find the game at a store (it is now about 7 years old) you may be able to download the demo from somewhere in the internet. Even the GameBoy Color version is fun, albeit much harder than the others.

If you think the 2002 movie was good, then you should check this out, because it´s one of the most entertaining games, specially when web-swinging around the city. This game is not perfect, but it´s far better than any of the games you have read about above. The main aim of a game is, obviously, to be entertainning, and this game´s fun earns it the second place in this list. I am talking about the GC, PS2, Xbox and PC versions of course, the others are...not so good.

If James Bond came out of the TV screen with his gun while you were playing GoldenEye 007 he would kill you and every other person who says that movie-based video games suck, and with a reason: this is not only the best movie game EVER, this is also one of the best video games ever created. A full masterpiece in first-person shooters! If you still have a Nintendo 64 at home, you should get this game at all costs if you haven´t yet.

Most of you knew that GoldenEye 007 would be the best movie game ever (it was too obvious) but I also think that you didn´t know about how great some of the games in this list are. Although most of the games in this list are not worth to buy for more than 30 dollars, you should at least rent em all and check em out.

List by ASCW (05/14/2007)

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