Xbox Live Arcade is an online service operated by Microsoft that is used to distribute video games Xbox 360 owners. The service offers games from about $5 to $15 USD. In late 2005, Xbox Live Arcade was relaunched with the release of the Xbox 360 in which new games and features were offered. The games are generally aimed toward more casual gamers, striving for "pick up and play" appeal

The object of the game is to guide frogs to their homes one by one. To do this, each frog must avoid cars while crossing a busy road and navigate a river full of hazards. The skillful player may obtain bonuses along the way. A real trip down memory lane

The game's core is very much that of a classic arcade shooter, although its artistic design, colorful and reminiscent of cel-shading or microscopic medical imaging, has been called "psychedelic" and "an eye-frying Minter-esque slice of psychotropic twitch brilliance" by reviewers. only problem its not quite worth the 800gp

The player takes the role of a knight with a lance, mounted on either an ostrich (player 1) or an emu (player 2), battling waves of computer-controlled enemy knights. The enemy knights have three different speed and agility levels and are mounted on giant buzzards. The game screen is static; its only features are five platforms hanging in mid-air (some wrapping around the screen), the ground, and a pit of lava below. A very simple but fun game

Street Fighter II, released on Capcom's CPS-1 arcade board in 1991, was one of the most popular games of the early 1990s, shaping the direction of arcade games for nearly a decade to follow. It is widely acknowledged as the premier fighting game of its era, due to its game balance with regard to the timing of attacks and blocks. looks great on the 360

Bejeweled is a popular puzzle game. The rectangular area of play starts filled with colored gems. The only valid move is to swap adjacent gems to make three or more gems of the same color line up horizontally or vertically. When that happens, the player earns points, the lined-up gems disappear, the gems above them fall and the extra space is filled with random gems.

The game format was very similar to Robotron: 2084, with dual controls and series of single screen areas. The theme of the game involved players competing in a violent gameshow. button bashing fun

Simple pool game. It offers nine different game modes including 8-Ball, 9-Ball, Cutthroat, 14.1 Continuous, Euro 8-Ball, 3-Ball, Trick Shots, Time Trial, and Golf. It offers a wide range of graphic customization including table style, felt color, wood grain, ball set, and cue stick. offers hours of fun with tough points to gain

Doom has a science fiction/horror theme, and a simple plot. The player takes the role of a nameless space marine armed with weapons like the chainsaw killing imps and demons. the gore in the game is very funny, a great classic

The object of Geometry Wars is to survive as long as possible and score as many points as possible by destroying a constant, ever-increasing swarm of enemies. The player controls a claw-shaped "ship" that can move in any direction using the left thumbstick, and can fire in any direction independently using the right thumbstick. A very fun additive game

Worms is a classic game in which tiny Worms face off with weapons such as the bazooka, shotguns, grenades, banana bombs, sheep, jet packs, and more! The Worms are thrown on to a fully destructible 2D stage where your explosions can change the entire course of the battle! Build tunnels with the blowtorch! Create craters! Use steel girders to make a barrier! This game is hilariously fun, and a great buy.

3 million downloads of Xbox Live Arcade games had been made, at least 600,000 of which had been purchased.Also, over 60% of gamers connected to Xbox Live on the Xbox 360 had downloaded a trial version of an Xbox Live Arcade title. In terms of sales, the best selling Xbox 360 titles were Uno, followed by Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved, Gauntlet, Smash TV, Bejeweled II, and Zuma, in that order. With 50+ games planned xbox live arcade will only get better

List by shiney182 (05/14/2007)

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