We all get that feeling. That weird sensation in our lower abdomin that tells us something's up. If you're like me, you usually spend a decent amout of time just sitting there, doing nothing that needs talking about, and need something to pass the time. Some people like magizines, or a book, or music, or.........food? But usually, the first thing I think of is my Gameboy/DS or PSP. Now of course, when I'm dropping a deuce I like to be relaxed. I need a game that's less stressful and can be paused and unpaused seamlessly (in case of emergency) without feeling discombobulated. So they'll be no Socom or anything. Personally, I don't like getting shot at while I'm sitting on the toilet. And don't get so mad at some of the games I picked. I can't play every game known to man, so obviously I need to pick the ones I've actually played.......ANYWAY

Monster Rancher Advance 2 is a VERY simple game with some of it's own little charms that make it kinda fun. Basicly , you punch in any combination of letters or symbols to unlock certin monsters, it's pretty fun discovering new monsters. When you find the one you want, you can train it. The training part is very simple. You just send your lil guy to a certin coach who'll train it in a certin skill. Fighting is a little weird and and there's not much else to do besides earn money for food and items. Eventually, you monster will get too old to fight, and you'll have to retire him or make him a coach. Then start over with a new monster. It's kinda of fun and simple enough for a toliet game.

Ok, so worms isn't the greatest on the handhelds. But I needed a PSP game, and they're still kinda fun. If you don't know, worms is a dieing series about, well, worms that fight with all different kinds of weapons in turn-based combat. All the maps you fight on are destructable, so it's always pretty intresting. Some matches can kinda drag on, but never enough where you'd have to shut the game off to continue on with your life. Its fun on the toliet to start up a quick match and just mess around with the tons of weapons available.

The reason this is on the list is because it's fun and quick. I know the game is very actiony, but the battles are over quicky, usually lasting no more than a minute unless your fighting a boss. Organizing your chips or making the perfect folder is another way to pass the time, or gas, (lame bathroom joke) if you just can't handle the fighting in your current.....situation.......because the game can be a little fustrating at times.

Meteos is like the new tetris. Its an amazing puzzle game with a truley original idea. To be honest, I never enjoyed a puzzle game enough to recommend it to a friend until this game. It has the graphics, the music, and the gameplay. And it's a great toilet game, being a puzzle game and all. Truely a classic. But be warned, it can get pretty intense at times, and I think it's alot more fast paced than Tetris. Don't get too crazy, remember, to take care of bussiness first. At least you won't have to worry too much about losing, since it's just a puzzle game.

This is one of those nice laid back kinda games that don't even really need to be paused at all. You have all day (unless nature calls right before Nook's Shop closes) to do whatever you need to get done. This isn't one of my favorite games, but it's nice due to the easy to pick up or put down factor. You never know how long you'll be on the can.

Advanced Wars has something that I really loved. The ability to make your own maps to play on. This gives it a ton of replayabilty. It's simple and fun. I've made my own campaigns with it. It's a blast. This game never gets truely fustrating, unless you're doing missions, but to be honest, I really only played the game for the map making part. It's that fun.

Turn-based combat is always great for the toilet, since you really need to think, and I do some of my best thinking on the toilet. FE is especially great, since some of the battles can last a long time, especially if your in a sticky situation. Seeing people die is always painful, and even though you could always keep going, there's always that feeling of "What if I need him/her?" You have to weigh out the option of "Do I restart to get my character back and do the whole level again? or Do I finish up and move on?" It's hard to describe the feeling, but you'd know if you played it. And when you reach a cutscene, it's like reading a book too. Sweet.

I had to put FF on the list. As another great turn-based game, there's plenty to do. But it can get pretty fustrating at times, so aviod bosses so you don't have people questioning you after they hear you screaming and cursing in the bathroom. I usually play it on the Can to get in a little extra "toilet grinding." Like my grandpa used to say, "Hey, you've got nothing better to do, why not level up?" ....................Ok he didn't say that, but it's true.

Hundreds of creature to catch, train, breed, trade, and fight. Along with the multiplayer fighting and online trades. I admit it, Pokemon is awsome. It also makes for a good on-the-toilet game. Like FF, leveling up is always easier when your on the Can and there's no "I could be doing ______ or _______ right now." Building your team up is time consuming and pretty fun. I you want to play competetivly online or with friends, you must breed for the best natures, train on certian pokemon, spend a &^% load of money on vitamins to make training easier, and find the perfect movest.........6 times. It can take a while. The reason FF is below this, is because Pokemon doesn't have much of a story, so you're not glued to the screen the whole time incase someone else needs the bathroom, and the fustration factor is much lower in Pokemon than in FF.

Every top ten list has a "list maker", or a game that inspires to author to take the time to write out their list. Now I hate to put it first, because it might seem biased, but I have honsetly spent most of my toilet gaming days with this game. Anyway, I FREAKIN' LOVE THIS GAME!!! I don't even know where to start.......ok, well you have a farm, which you just inherited. It's YOUR job to return it to it's former glory. Yea, the place is a mess. Sounds like fun ,eh? YEA! LET'S FARM!!!! Relax, it's not as bad as it sounds. It's strangly addictive. And there's TONS to do. We got cooking, befriending the townfolk, planting crops, mining, caring for animals like chickens, cows, sheeps, and horses, fishing, foraging for items, chopping wood, clearing the fields, wooing a girl, finding the dozens of cutscenes randomly found around town that develope each of the characters more. You can also attend festivils such as cooking contests, hourse races, cow and sheep contests, and many more. You can get married as well. As the seasons change, different crops become available, except in winter, when no crops grow. There's tons of secrets and unlockables that make the game so addictive and mysterious. The best part is, it's just simple enough to make it the perfect game to turn on and play in seconds. The perfect toliet game, and one of my favorite games of all time.

Of course, some of you are nodding your heads, awkwardly, agreeing with me. Some of you are Shaking your fists at your computer screen. All of you look kinda wierd, because no one can see what your doing, so you can stop now. Anyway, these are MY favorite games that help pass time on the can. They're simple yet fun and relaxing. Hopefully some of you agreed with at least one game on this list. I thank you for reading, if you made it this far.

List by jimboob412 (06/15/2007)

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