You know what I'm talking about. Those games that just ended up getting lost in the sea of more popular games. This list goes out to the little people, those criminally underplayed games that many missed out on but the lucky hold dear.

Where do I begin? Killer7 has it all: creepy monsters, an intriguing story, crazy characters, and unique gameplay. You play as one of seven personalities of the assassin Harman Smith, who collectively form the Killer7. You fight invisible enemies called Heaven Smiles, and the fighting is broken up by simple puzzles. This game is near perfect, but the reason it sits at number ten is because it's not quite as underplayed as the rest.

In this creepy horror-themed shooter, you play as rookie cop Lazarus Jones on a quest to save his partner from an ancient evil. You get to use many unique and cool ghost and physical weapons, travelling to many different locales, like the American south, a haunted school, and a creepy prison. This game is one to look out for, providing fun gameplay and some thrills here and there as well.

Sure, Sam Fisher, Solid Snake, and James Earl Cash are cool, but when you're looking for another stealth game to play, look no further than Mission: Impossible: Operation Surma. There's standard stealth gameplay here, but with a few added perks, like disguises, parachuting, an awesome sniper pistol, and the famous rope-from-the-ceiling doohickey.

You might dismiss this game as a Devil May Cry ripoff, and you'd be right. But fans of the movie will appreciate the characters, locations, and gameplay as they attempt to stop Count Dracula. Many famous movie monsters make appearances, like the Wolfman, Mr. Hyde, and Frankenstein's monster. With awesome weapons, intense boss battles, and countless cheats and extras, this game should not have been passed over.

Yes, the gameplay is shallow, the control is sloppy, and you can breeze through the single-player game in 45 minutes. But tell me you wouldn't love the opportunity to completely dismember Carrot Top or each member of *NSYNC. This game offers countless hours of good, gory fun with a friend, and you won't even mind if you lose!

This game has a few things on common with the movie: it was made on a low budget, not enough people appreciate it, and it looks like it was made in 1992. But fans of the movie will enjoy the different experiences of each character, and the appearance of Michael Madsen as Mr. Blonde, even if none of the other original actors reprised their roles. This game also offers the most in-depth hostage taking I have ever seen in a game. You'll also love the fact that you can either carefully make your way through each level while taking minimal lives (as a "Professional") or blast through with the business end of a shotgun or SMG (as a "Psycho").

Who would have thought that a lonely-looking, budget-priced GBA game I casually picked up at a warehouse store would provide me so many hours of entertainment? This game is one of my favorites on the GBA, following a young man named George Stobbart whose Parisian vacation is interuppted by an assassination not ten feet away from him. As he traces the killer's movements, he discovers a much larger conspiracy underneath the murder. This game gives the player a fun, puzzle-solving romp through Europe and a very unforgettable gaming experience.

Disaster Report is Agetec's unique take on the survival horror genre. You play as a young man who is trying to escape a series of deadly earthquakes on a man-made island. You meet up with several other survivors throughout your ordeal, and uncover a dark secret about the island and its creator. This fun action adventure game also offers multiple endings.

Echo Night Beyond is about an astronaut named Richard who is alone on a space station on the moon. Oh, and the station is filled with ghosts bent on giving you a fatal heart attack. Richard must settle each of the ghosts' spirits before they can peacefully leave the station. This game offers multiple thrills and endings, as well as the revelation of the station's sinister purpose.

What better game to top the list of the most obscure games out there? Obscure is a survival horror about five teens trapped in a high school filled with monsters. This game offers useful character-specific abilities, a clever weapon upgrade system (like using a roll of duct tape to attach a flashlight to a pistol), and an alternate ending. The teens also uncover (yes, for the fourth time in a row) a dark secret about the staff of the school. You definitely want to check this one out if you're a fan of "obscure" games.

There you have 'em, the top 10 obscure games. Amazingly entertaining but criminally underplayed, these games just were not popular enough to merit all the fun they offer. Do these smaller games a favor and buy one or two. You'll have some more obscure games in your collection, and who knows, the developer might throw out a sequel!

List by Axel0391 (07/09/2007)

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