Online gaming is becoming more and more popular on the DS, it started with Mario Kart, and is gaining momentum with Pokemon. But with all the online excitement you might forget about the games that choose to focus on other things. These are the Top 10 Non-Wifi Games. Feel free to disagree.

So begins Mega Manís new empire on the DS. Mega Man ZX was much like the Zero series found on the Game Boy Advance, but with a few twists. First, the entire game is a giant map. The problem: Youíll often be unable to tell where to go next. Second, you can transform at any time to different models that give you varied abilities, like flying, massive firepower, and other awesome stuff. If it werenít the map problem, this game could have been much better, but itís still a solid game.

This is by far one of the most addictive puzzle games Iíve ever played. Meteos has you aligning blocks to launch into the air using the stylus. It had a great soundtrack, tons of modes, and was one of the first DS games I picked up, and after playing it I started to have faith that the DS was going to be great. Ironically, I think the only thing this game needs is some wifi features.

I bet I know what youíre thinking. ďWhat? Spider-Man? In MY Top 10 list?Ē Trust me, itís okay. This is one of the best DS action games (heck, action games in general) Iíve ever played. You switch off as Spider-Man and Venom, and go through levels either saving people as Spidey, or eating them and destroying everything with Venomís awesome stylus controls. Check this out people, and check it out now.

The classic returns to the DS, fully intact and with a whole new mode. This was my introduction into the RE series, and convinced me to try the other games. This game has it all, hilarious voice acting, zombies, guns, and Wesker. The new mode allowed for touch screen controls to attack zombies by swiping, it was pretty awesome. This is a classic Capcom, but whereís Resident Evil 2 DS?

Mario makes his triumphant return to 2D platforming, and by God he did it. Some will say that itís nothing compared to the others, and while somewhat true, it still has a ton of charm just like the rest of the Mario games. Hidden mushrooms, coins, hopping on koopas and goombas, it was like seeing an old friend after a long time. Mario even had some new tricks like growing huge, extremely tiny, and becoming a half-plumber half-koopa hybrid! A good time was had by all.

Sorry Mario, I had more fun with Sonic and Cat WomanóI mean Blaze the Cat. Sonic decided to also go back to his roots in a high-speed 2D plat-former. This game moves fast, and to me, looked absolutely amazing. It had Chaos Emeralds to collect, two characters, and for the first time in a while, Sonic was not just okay anymore. Once again, a good time was had by all.

OBJECTION! HOLD IT! TAKE THAT! Yelling those phrases over and over are part of what made this game awesome, the other part was the fact that it was a strange new experience. You played as a lawyer, Phoenix Wright, you go around collecting evidence and talking to witnesses, then you go into court and prove your client innocent. The gameís puzzles are often clever, and the script is one of the best Iíve ever seen in a video game. Itís only downfall is that thereís no replay value whatsoever, itís kind of like a good book. If you liked it, youíre bound to read, or play, it again.

Youíre Soma, you are Dracula, sorta. Youíre him if he was an anime human who didnít want to be an awesome vampire. This game is a lot like the previous ďMetroid-vaniaĒ style Castlevania games. You will go around and collect items, level up, all while being able to go wherever you want. The castle has a ton of rooms, traps and enemies. Itís an awesome game, my only problem with it is the fact that the touch-screen features are tacked on by breaking ice blocks (which is needed about two times in the entire game), and drawing a seal after beating a boss, or else it wonít die. Lame if you ask me.

I think that two words can effectively describe this game: freaking intense Trauma Center is one of the hardest DS games to date, you use the stylus to perform surgery on people. Youíll at first combat some easy illnesses, but thatís when the game gets crazy. Youíll encounter a disease known as G.U.I.L.T., with multiple strains. Theyíre like bugs that you kill with your surgical tools. The surgeries will get pretty tough the farther you get, and youíll sometimes want to quit. Itís an amazing game however, and has a great story. If itís too much, you might want to practice with the Wii version, Second Opinion.

Tap to the beat! Tap! Tap! This is it: This is number one. Some may disagree, but I think this is the most addictive and fun games that the DS has to offer. Sure the songs may be embarrassing to play, but the covers make songs like Sk8ter Boi almost bearable. There are multiple difficulties, and the harder ones will make you cry if youíre not good. Anyone whoís played this must now fear the song Jumpiní Jack Flash. Itís a gas, gas, gas.

Alright, just so there arenít any complaints and whatnot, this list is based off of games I own, so if thereís a game you like that wasnít there, feel free to buy me it and Iíll add it to the list. Also no imports, otherwise weíd have a ton of games no oneís played. Hope you enjoyed the list, good night, and good luck.

List by RidleysShadow (07/24/2007)

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