We've all played games that include various and interesting items or Weapons given to or acquired by the player. One of the greatest feelings in a Video Game is getting a new Item or Weapon, especially if you've worked hard and long to obtain it. Games include tons and tons of these, and without them, gaming would not be what it is today. I feel they are a vital part to a video game and decided to recognize some of them that really stand out beyond the basic ones. I have comprised a list of my Top 10 personal favorite and coolest Items and Weapons. Please note that this is strictly my opinion, nothing more.

Ah, the good old bomb. When all else fails, usually an explosive is the way to go! Bombs come in handy many times in many games, but nothing is as handy as the Bombchu. The Zelda series is the Father of some of the most unique items in Video Games, but the Bombchu was amazing. It was a bomb, but not just ANY bomb. It was a bomb that could climb up walls and get to those "hard to reach" areas. What else could you possibly ask for as far as an explosive goes? The idea of a bomb that can crawl up walls seems so basic, and like it should have been thought-of a long time ago. But the Bombchu is simply revolutionary.

Health is a good thing in Video Games, in fact, it is vital. Without Health, HP, Energy, Life, or whatever else you want to call it, games would be quite difficult indeed. I have to say that Resident Evil brought a very unique method of healing the wounded player, Herbs! Throughout the game, you encounter many Herbs around you. Weather they be on shelves, in closets, outside, or on a stairwell, they are everywhere. You can acquire the Green Herb, the most common, all through the game. However if you happened to snag a Green Herb and save it in your inventory, and possibly come across a Yellow or Red Herb, you are in luck. While these Yellow and Red Herbs are useless by themselves, if you noticed the "Combine" feature on the inventory, combine away! Green Herbs by themselves would only restore a portion of your Health, but if you combine a Yellow or Red Herb, or even both, to a Green Herb, it would restore your Health completely. And in future Resident Evil titles, it even increases your total Health capacity, Neato!

Final Fantasy is also the creator of some of the most innovative and unique items. There are so many items in the series itself, this whole list could be solely on items from Final Fantasy, easily, But I chose the Spheres. Final Fantasy X had a method of learning new abilities and increasing attributes with the use of Spheres you can collect from defeating enemies. The Player would use the Sphere Grid to do so. One could not do anything if you did not have Spheres. Power spheres raise HP and other attributes of the sorts, while Mana Spheres and Ability Spheres increased MP or taught the player a new ability, very cool!

If You've played through Metal Gear Solid before, you know it is a great game. What could possibly make this classic any better? Why the Stealth Camouflage of course! You can only obtain this wonderful little gem by completing the game once, then starting a new one. Well what exactly does this item do? It makes you invisible! With this item, you can literally fly through the game in a fraction of the time. The ability to completely confuse and mess with your enemies is just hilarious and epic.

Twilight Princess introduced some familiar items and equipment from previous Zelda titles, it's a tradition really. But, it also introduced some new and very unique ones as well. And one of my personal favorites is the Dominion Rod. The Dominion Rod was a rod Link could acquire towards the end portion of the game, that could bring statues to life, and move them in sync with you. Wherever you walked after casting the Rod's power on a movable statue, it followed suit. This was very sweet and cool, and something very new and fresh. Even though it is acquired towards the ending of the game, it really pulled it off.

GoldenEye was an instant classic. I am a big fan of the James Bond franchise, but I need to say that over all the Bond games, GoldenEye was my favorite. It contained a diverse selection of weapons but my favorite was the Remote Mines. I never knew that blowing stuff up would be so entertaining. You'd throw one, it'd stick to the surface, and simply step back, and press the little button on your Q-Watch, and watch the fireworks. This item was so useful and fun to use, I remember playing the Bunker level over and over, just blowing guards up.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask was the darkest and most original game in the series. And it introduced a very interesting set of items, Masks! Masks were in the previous game, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but they played a small role. In Majora's Mask however, the title says it all, Mask's are the backbone of this game. There were over 20 Masks you could acquire, and each one did something, it wasn't just dress up. There was a mask that let you check mailboxes, one that blows up, one that keeps you up all night, and even one that makes you an adult with armor and a powerful sword.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell was based on stealth. The object of the game was to avoid conflict as much as possible, no matter what. And the environment was usually pitch dark in most places, hindering your vision. Never fear, night vision goggles are here! You need to use these literally ever 20 seconds or so. It's needed to play, period. And they provide an excellent advantage to the game.

Hitman, the amazingly addictive and fun assassin game. You play as Agent 47, a trained and deadly assassin with many weapons and gadgets to use at your disposal. But the object is to be as least aggressive as possible, so we need a quiet and almost undetectable weapon right?...Fiber Wire. Fiber Wire is basically a strangulation device, you pretty much can see the awesome usefulness of this item.

The EZ Gun clocks in at number 1 on my list. Why, You ask? Well, the EZ Gun is a tranquilizer gun, that has unlimited ammo. Metal Gear is based on stealth, even though it gives you the tools for a more aggressive approach. Tranquilizer guns are vital and extremely useful to playing this game, especially if you are going for the "no kills" run. Some of you might have picked a better item or weapon, but hey, it's my opinion.

So there you have it, my top 10 list. We've all had different opinions and this is mine, Some items are just that awesome. So until next time, cheers!

List by ThatGamerDudeAlex (04/13/2009)

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