The Metroid Prime series has a lot of memorable boss battles. They stick in the player's mind and it becomes hard for he or she to forget how awesome these fights were. And even if they do, when he or she takes on those bosses again the player's breath is taken away and he or she remembers how epic the fight was.

That's why I made this list. These are the Top 10 most epic boss fights in the Metroid Prime series ever. I've ranked them according to intensity of music, intensity of combat, how much skill is needed, and how breath-taking they are.

Note: I will call the GameCube "GCN" for short.

Without further ado, here is the list.

Technically, he should be called "Ridley" and not "Meta Ridley" because in this battle he's purple in color, not black. Purple is Ridley's traditional color; therefore, I'm going to refer to him as "Ridley" throughout this entire post.

This battle starts this list as an epic fight between Samus and her old nemesis... falling down a generator shaft of all things! You only have your Power Beam (and missiles technically) to defend yourself with and the only weak spot is Ridley's mouth. For first timers, this battle is very hard; you have about ~20,000 meters to kill Ridley or you'll die (unless he kills you first, which is highly unlikely).

Like all timed battles, this will raise your adrenaline level because falling down a generator shaft is a bit unnerving.

The music, the classic tune from Metroid Prime 1, adds to the intensity of the fight, making this number 10 on this list.

This counts as a single boss because the forms are in the same battle.

You've just defeated the Emperor Ing and are about to escape the collapsing Dark Aether when you're met with your dark clone--Dark Samus. Another timed battle, you have only a certain amount of time before Dark Aether collapses and you die. The most problematic part of this battle is that you've already spent about a minute escaping the Sky Temple!

However, this is the end of the game, so you have all the tools at your disposal (if you got 100%). All the beams, all the visors, all the charge beam combos, power bombs, missiles, etc. to use against Dark Samus.

In her third form, Dark Samus loves to hide with sonar readings, meaning you have to use your Echo Visor to find her. Any beam is effective against her, and it's a matter of skill and speed to defeat her.

After some time, Dark Samus starts gathering Phazon (her fourth form). This time, only your Power Beam can save you as you must grab the Phazon shards with your charge beam she launches at you. It'll create a make-shift Phazon Beam that you can fire to damage her.

The reason this fight is so epic is because of the limited time you have, the fast-paced fighting, the intense escape music, and the final form that takes some thought to defeat.

Dark Samus 3 & 4 mark the 9th item on this list.

In this fight, the Emperor Ing means business; serious business. You've taken all the energy from Dark Aether's temples (save one) and your foe means to annihilate you once and for all.

The Emperor Ing's final form is reminiscent of Metroid Prime's first form; his heart will swap colors, showing which beam he's vulnerable to. He fights like a giant Warrior Ing, shooting beams at you--except in massive number all at once--and rams you. Both attacks are dangerous because the arena is lined with Phazon, and they will push you back into the deadly substance.

And can anyone forget the music that starts up when the Emperor Ing enters its final form? I hope not, because it adds to the level of epicness in this battle. This definitely a boss battle that deserves to be #8 on the list.

Ridley has too many forms; seriously. Fortunately Retro has managed to keep the word "epic" in Ridley ever since Meta Ridley in Prime 1.

This should be the hardest form of Ridley you'll ever encounter (save Meta Ridley) in the entire Metroid series. This version guards the Leviathan Seed of the Space Pirate Homeworld, and he'll do all he can to make sure Samus can't destroy it.

Omega Ridley will use plasma breath attacks, and later, alongside those breath attacks his tail in an entire circle. He'll also try to ram you, fire fast balls of flame, and more. He's completely invulnerable save his chest--and of course, you need Hyper Mode to damage that chest.

He fights a lot like Meta Ridley; after being damaged a bit, Omega Ridley will start flying through the Seed's giant cavities. Because there are three of them, you can't be sure which one he'll come out of. And like Meta Ridley, he'll pound you with fire missiles, and try to body slam you. The battle is fast-paced, and puts your dodging skills to the test.

The music, alongside the difficulty, and the fun combat make this one #7 on the list.

At the beginning of this fight, you know you're in for a big battle due to the sudden change in music as you face the Omega Pirate.

I'm sure most Metroid Prime fans can't forget this fight as it is one of the hardest in the game. The Omega Pirate has enough power to disintegrate you. He'll smash the ground with energy blasts, absorb your beam attacks, and fire deadly missile salvos. Damaging him is hard enough as you must destroy his arm parts and leg parts, and then use the X-ray Visor to track him.

The high intensity of this battle always made me anxious; especially when he summons other pirates to bother you while he recovers his parts. It's not a fast-paced battle, but it will definitely keep you on your toes as you watch for your chance to damage the Omega Pirate.

The Omega Pirate marks #6 on this list of epic battles.

Meta Ridley's mere entrance is epic enough; destroying all the statues in the Artifact Shrine, and cutting off your way into the Impact Crater (well, not really). He's determined to stop you once and for all; there's no turning back.

Meta Ridley is loaded with massive amounts of weaponary: plasma breath, missile salvos, fire bombs, and of course, his claws, tails and other melee weapons.

When he lands on the ground and loses his wings, he becomes even more dangerous. Especially since he won't stop ramming you until you're dead (well... sort of).

This boss is extremely fast-paced, intense, and hard. Once you fight Meta Ridley, you won't forget him.

He ranks as #5 on this epic list.

This battle begins with an anxiety raising and great cutscene. Samus stares down Metroid Prime, and she lands, revealing her mouth. But that's not all, Metroid Prime burrows below and Samus chases her down, jumping into the pit below.

Metroid Prime's Spider form will change color, giving her different weapons. She can burn you with red, freeze you with white, knock out your combat visor with purple, and pummel you with yellow. Not to mention that when she has no color, she can use a grapple beam to drag you into her maw.

This is one dangerous foe, and only by swapping your beams to match her current color can you hurt her.

The battle is medium-paced, but still epic in its form. Tthe music will keep you anxious, wanting more.

Due to its difficulty, fun, music, and adrenaline-pumping feeling, this is the 4th most epic boss battle on this list.

When Metroid Prime oozes out of her shell, that's when this epic battle begins. You know that it's epic on the spot because Samus and Metroid Prime face-off in the cutscene before the fight ensues; dashing at each other.

While it's not the hardest boss battle in the world (if you abuse Power Bombs), it is the only one where you get to use your Phazon Beam against her. And the Phazon Beam is the only thing that will hurt her final form. The tricks involved with beating Prime are your visors (except your Scan Visor). Prime will shift forms, making herself invisible to two of your visors.

Finally, at some point, she releases a pool of super-charged Phazon. Once you stand in that, you can fire your Phazon Beam at will (until the pool "dries" up).

The music, and the intensity of the fight make this one of the most epic boss battles in Metroid history, marking as the 3rd most epic battle.

Dark Samus doesn't screw around, does she? You're on Phaaze, the source of all Phazon and its time to take her down for good. Locked permanently in Hyper Mode, you basically have one energy tank, making this a scary battle (and a really hard one on Hyper Mode difficulty). You got to stay alive or die.

Dark Samus, in this form, has all the abilities of her previous forms and the hunters you fought throughout the game. Ice pillars from Rundas, speed like Gandraya, and a plasma cannon from Ghor. She can also heal herself by charging up into ball of Phazon.

Not to mention Dark Samus will split into multiple clones to confuse you; and use those clones to attack you, confuse you when healing herself, and use multiple deadly attacks.

The music is the peak version of Dark Samus's theme song, creating an intense feeling along with the quick-pace of the battle itself, and the difficulty (if on Hyper Mode).

This epic end-game battle is ranked as 2nd on this list.

That's right; the very first Dark Samus fight in Metroid history is the most epic of them all. Why? The first time I experienced this battle on the GameCube, it took my breath away. You have no special beams, no specials weapons--just you, your Power Beam, Charge Beam, and Missiles. This is a battle of survival and skill against Samus's darkest foe in the Prime series. There were no cheap tricks you could pull on Dark Samus, while she had the advantage of superior weapons.

For example, Dark Samus has, what I call, the Phazon Shinespark that'll she'll try to ram you with (destroying some of the reactor parts in the process). She has a scattershot Phazon beam, superior missile launcher, and more. She's nearly unstoppable... or so you think.

This battle also introduces the incredible and addicting theme song of Dark Samus, making it a memorable first fight.

On the Wii's Trilogy, the battle is even more intense and epic than the GCN one because now you have full aiming control, making it feel like a real Samus vs. Samus battle.

This is THE epic Metroid boss battle that fans will crave, hence why it is #1 on this list.

To end this fantastic list of epic battles, I would like to say a few words: this list was created after playing the Metroid Prime games again and re-experiencing the bosses after years of not playing the first two Prime games. This Top 10 list was needed to be made for all Metroid fans.

Now, there were some bosses that contended for spots on this list.

Quadraxis (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes) - It's a giant robot; the Ing mean business when they possess a giant robot in an attempt to kill Samus.
Thardus (Metroid Prime) - "It's a rock! It doesn't have any vulnerable spots!" Sorry, I had to quote GalaxyQuest there. But actually, Thardus does have weak spots. Regardless, he's one of my favorite bosses from Prime.
Rundas (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption) - The music, the difficulty, the fun. Rundas is just plain epic.

I hope you enjoyed reading this list! I worked hard on it. Thank you!

List by Aegis_Runestone (01/09/2013)

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