Yeah I know, A lot of hentai titles are poping up and cost a lot of money. So which do you choose? Which one do you buy and never tell a soul you did? Well here are my top ten games you should check out if you want a Hentai game. Don't worry, I won't tell.

This one inspired a hentai movie. This one was kind of disturbing with some of their endings. The first ending was the most disturbing and the graphics are dated. One of the originals to hit the US.

The best part of this game is that you look like a total sleeze-bag. It made it a funny game for me to play (They are all funny but this one just was the funniest.) The decision making can be a pain sometimes though.

A nice game with a storyline about you taking over the temple fro your grandfather and you having to choose a wife. You choose between four women and if you choose well you can get the harem ending. It is one of the few sequels in hentai games.

This is the only game that has not just images but slightly animated images to rise the excitement level. It is about a resturant where all the girls wear bunny outfits. You have five girls to choose between and you have an ending with each. This game was so successful they made a second one.

Well by the title you must know that in this one you have relationships with the Sagara family of all girls. You get different endings with the different females and in this one there is more reading and decision makig than normal.

This one is much different than a typical hentai game. You have to actually pay attention to what the female is feeling like, what she is intrested in, and her horoscope for that day. There are a lot of different girls here and there is one ending for each. Certain parts are blurred out on the characters so that may be a reason that this game isn't a high seller in the hentai gaming community.

This is a game that many couples play. You basically are a young man who starts a club with 3 different married women. You choose between these women and as you progress so do the physical acts you do with these women. There are a few endings and iit has the best artwork of the ones I have seen so far.

Like the first one this game has the slightly animated scenes. You are the same character as before and you have a whole new set of "bunnies" to be around.

This is one of the more wide spread ones taht may be one that someone who doesn't know the game genre may have heard of. It has a few different characters with two endings for each. It follows a young man who works at a small hot springs resort who interacts with the women who work with him and vacation there.

Now this is the true different game in the hentai series. It is like a secret of mana type game with Hentai scenes. You get love points which decide how your relationship with a certain female character is. If you don't want to just point and click on sentences then this may be the one for you.

So there you go, a bunch of games you never want tolet anyone kow you play. Hiding them from your girlfriend is a pain in the butt and trust me I have experience in that. You leave the room and, bam, they find it and toss it.

List by suikodenanime (12/18/2006)

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