Puzzle games are the most addicting brand of videogames, without a doubt in my mind. But where would those games be without the pieces? Puzzle pieces are underrated, so I dedicate this little list to them.

ChuChu Rocket was an underrated game developed for the Dreamcast. In it, you had to guide a bunch of blue mice away from these orange cats (who were high or something, because they looked kind of crazy) who were trying to apparently devour them. To do so, you had to use arrows to lead them to their rocketships. The Left Arrow earns a special place in my heart because you used it the most. I remember when trying to solve the puzzle I'd run out of left arrows and think "Damn!", because the left arrow almost ALWAYS does the most critical thing. Let's hear it for lefty!

Let's face it-Nobody likes yellow. I felt kind of bad for yellow, so I made this for it. Yellow was also represented by a Star, so it had to be important. Ironically, this game was nothing like Tetris.

The purple blob appeared so much, it became a celebrity. For a while in my town, the purple blob became a fad, and everyone always talked about it. In Puyo Pop, you had to match up the same color blob to make them dissapear while an orange creature named Carbuncle constantly taunts you. I wish there were 2 more of him so I could match them up and make him dissapear.

Yoshi's Cookie was an odd game. You matched up the same looking cookies to feed to Yoshi. And guess who does this? Mario! Guess who never gets a single cookie? Mario! I find it insanely rude Yoshi never offers Mario a single cookie. Anyway, the Brown and White Checkered Cookie is usually thought of when people think of Yoshi's Cookie. And it has appeared in Mario games as a treat for Yoshies. I wish I had a Yoshi Cookie, but Yoshi keeps eating them all.

This was a basic Columns gem. The most common. Also, to anyone who's never played Columns, you line up the same colored gems and make them dissapear. I've never seen that before. Anyway, it's also amazing due to the fact it's a red ruby. How many red rubies have you seen before? None, I'll bet. Not before Columns!

Klax was made by Atari where you lined up same colored pieces and all that jazz. White Piece got a mention because I haven't seen white pieces in many puzzle games. Well, Klax was rebel enough to say "Hey! I'm putting a WHITE PIECE in my game! What now?". And for that, I love it.

If you haven't played Wario Woods, do so. It is one of the more innovative puzzle games, where you put bombs up against monsters and brutally kill them and a fiery explosion. Yes, it is very mean, but I like blowing up the monsters that resemble rabbits, just to show how crazy I am.

The Rainbow Bubble makes me cry tears of joy whenever I see it. It is without a doubt a symbol of peace, because of it's shining color, and when it explodes, it turns into the color that was used to destroy it, showing it doesn't mind to be any color bubble, and that he is friends with all of them. I love the Rainbow Bubble. The Rainbow Bubble loves you.

Dr.Mario is a game where you feed a germ infested jar a bunch of pills to kill viruses. My favorite pill is the Red/Blue one, because it kills the 2 most annoying viruses in one blow. The Yellow one just sits there, but those red and blue ones constantly dancing....I yearn to end it.

Tetris is the father of all Puzzle Games. It spawned everything on this list, clones and look alikes, sometimes bothalikes. The Red Piece was amazing, as it fit anywhere, and would clear you of all the pain the lines and gravity caused you. If only there was a red piece in real life...if only. Let's here it for the red piece! Yaaaaaaaaay!

Well, there you go. The best damn puzzle pieces ever. Remember, don't hate the game because it never gives you the piece you want.

List by dogboy (03/06/2007)

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